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Shadow Knight APK latest الإصدار 2023

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Fansipan Limited
1.25.8 لأجهزة الأندرويد
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ربيع الأول 05, 1445
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Android 5.0+
Role Playing

In Shadow Knight, players can take on the role of a dark hero with his omnipotent power and magical sword traveling to many parts of the world in order to defeat evil. The most typical is what is happening in Harmonia, the land of powerful gods. The players are tasked with learning about life here, uncovering mysterious mysteries filled with darkness, and fulfilling requests from the Almighty. A hero descendant will be born to you.

The game has just added awakening content

Shadow Knight's awakening feature is one of the new features added in the updated version. It can be applied while fighting monsters in the towers. This control key works similarly to other control keys, and its great purpose is to provide sobering power while being harmed by magic. Using this feature will also free cursed items. Additionally, a new turn has been added to the arena to make your operation in the game easier. The app allows you to blend in and start fighting in just a few taps.

Role-playing story of exceptional quality

In Shadow Knight, the player will be role-played as a member of the hero clan in order to complete the content. It was the demise of the generations that preceded you that caused you to rise, learn the mystery, and defeat the darkness. Players will have to adjust to fast-paced combat, difficult situations, and many difficult decisions. With the panoramic view, the system aims to give you the most realistic experience possible. During this adventurous ride, you will face a wide range of opponents. As you progress through the story, you will encounter zombies, monsters, moving skeletons, and the boss who holds the key.

Ensures a successful completion of the task

Shadow Knight players win based on their efforts and extremely necessary equipment. Using flexible control keys on the screen, you will be able to move the most basic combat ability. There is something exciting about the combination of moves and sword attacks. Heroes each have their own unique characteristics. If you want to create the most advanced weapons yourself, having an extensive collection will be a great choice.

Each person will receive a task to complete. Getting the attendance reward requires you to complete the task every day. Additionally, confrontations with enemies at various locations on this land can also be beneficial. Over 100 achievements will be available for players to conquer for the achievement system. Keep in mind that you are a warrior trained to serve your clan and discover the mystery devouring the clan.

It is every hero's duty to fulfill the noble quest

As players learn how to become heroes, they will be able to uncover more interesting stories. As more characters appear in the dark land, the story of your special survival will be further developed. A player who relies on achievements will level up and enjoy tougher confrontations in the future. It is your noble task to discover the reason for the disappearance of the ancient tribes and find a way to destroy the dark forces that rule the world.


The story of Shadow Knight begins in Harmonia, a fantasy world. The land is home to many races including humans, orcs, spirits, beasts, undead, and elves... Each race has its own territory and coexists peacefully with the others.

It didn't last long, ambitions began to rise. Thus, Harmonia was plunged into darkness and war as a result of the tragedy.

As the beautiful land became increasingly exhausted and dead, the dark knight decided to rediscover its light. There is still a long way to go before peace is achieved. A series of epic monsters and evil enemies await the knight on his quest to find it.


Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure will transform you into a dark knight with great power and a brave heart.

Immerse yourself in fantasy adventure stories and endless battles in the dark. Each day, many tasks need to be completed. You must always be mentally prepared for adventures through forests, ghost towns, and dungeons. You will always be faced with challenges as well as monsters, zombies, and deadly traps.

When it comes to the bosses at the end of the dungeon, don't be subjective. Furthermore, they're incredibly quick, which contributes to their power. Your character can be instantly killed if you are just a little bit absentminded.

You can conquer more than 100 types of achievements in Shadow Knight. Furthermore, you will receive valuable rewards such as gems, keys, and energy.


There is a dark, gloomy atmosphere surrounding the Shadow Knight, as implied by its name. The effects are meticulously designed, even though they are only 2D graphics.

This game does not fully simulate the characters. Sometimes, you'll feel like gazing at the shadows of the characters. Shadow Knight's graphics and views are somewhat similar to those of Shadow of Death II and Stickman Legends.


Feeling of extreme play

Explore this dark fantasy world with your favorite ninja or fighter in this Ninja Game, a hack-and-slash game. There are fascinating mystery points for you to discover as you run, climb, jump!

A fantastic ninja adventure

Your warrior and you will engage in endless dark fantasy battles. Discover adventure towns, forests, dungeons, and more by mastering your ninja skills, your warrior skills, and your samurai skills. Be a legend of shadow and defeat ultimate enemies and powerful bosses!

Style Up Your Gear

Hundreds of weapons, equipment, and runes are available, and you can fully customize your warrior to stand out from the rest. Your Knight, Your Style! Join the adventure and create crazy combats!

Easy to upgrade

As you are away, your fighters are still being trained and gathering resources to upgrade. Upon your return, they will gain new levels and learn new skills. Create a powerful Ninja team and prepare for battle!

Earn rewards by completing missions

You have a lot of quests to complete, so do them all to get as many rewards as possible. Don't forget that there are always more than 100 achievements to complete. Complete quests that bring gems, energy, keys, etc., to receive rewards!

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