Demon Blade APK v2.221 APK

Demon Blade APK v2.221 latest Version 2022

App By:
Garage51 Entertainment
2.221 for Android
Updated On:
Aug 30, 2022
238 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Demon Blade is an action-adventure game in which players get to explore the world of Japanese yokai and stand up to them in tough battles. As you progress through the levels, you will use your katana to take down enemies. Additionally, each game screen presents specific challenges that require the player's control skills and reflexes. The world in the game will surely attract you, and you won't be able to ignore it.

We need you, Demon Slayer: Something strange is happening. The moon has disappeared and the border with the demon world has blurred. We need all Demon Slayers to take on this role and save people. Prepare your armor and equipment, sharpen your Katana, and subdue the demons. The corruption of the world of demons must be stopped before it reaches Japan. The fate of the yokais should be cut short.

Demon Slayer's League will determine which samurai is the strongest, and great legendary items will be rewarded to them.

Your role is to save this world by overcoming the different dungeons with your companions and forming Clans. You must not let the sword of a Demon Hunter lose to the demons you find in the dungeons because it is his greatest weapon. Japan can only be saved by fighting. There is no time to waste, destiny has knocked on the samurai's door.

About Demon Blade APK

Demon Blade is a fighting role-playing game published by Garage51 Entertainment. A vertical screen is used for this game, with most of the control buttons removed from the screen niches, allowing for an attractive open space for battles.


The first few seconds of this game are spooky and magnificence, even with the vertical screen on the phone. In every country, there are scary ghost stories, especially in Japan, where there are a lot of long-standing traditions and a rich imagination.

In Demon Blade, you will see all the demons from Japanese folklore, including Umiboozu – a sea monster, Gashadokuro – a skeleton made up of hungry souls, Bake-kujira – a fish-shaped monster that travels everywhere to eat humans, Waira – a giant beast that eats humans, and more. You will play as a powerful Samurai with a lot of skills, specializing in hunting and destroying these legendary monsters.

However, Demon Blade also has a fascinating plot, with many thrilling plot twists in addition to the constant wars. Initially, your character is just an ordinary person surrounded by a sea of fire in the midst of a pack of demons. You are saved from that terrible place by a Samurai who fights for you.

As suddenly as he appeared, the Samurai disappeared after defeating the demons. In a panic, you only remember the last minute of the Samurai before he collapsed before the demon Tengu. You now officially inherit the heroic mission of that brave Samurai: demonizing ghosts with his legendary katana.

Fight the approaching Yokai as a demon slayer

Demon Blade revolves around the yokai, the Japanese devil, slowly appearing and plotting to invade Japan. As the moon's light faded, so did the line between the human and yakai worlds. As a result, they began to act stronger and took the first steps. As a Demon Slayer, you will use your katana to confront the yokai.

There are new challenges to be found in this new version of the game as it introduces a place for you to continue fighting downright powerful bosses. A Tenka Sanken katana will be available to the forces of the Demon Slayer as a weapon against the game's powerful bosses. This legendary sword possesses both active and passive skills, and its outstanding power can be felt.

Yokai of different types must be faced

Demon Blade allows players to experience becoming a Demon Slayer, so facing powerful enemies is essential. It's impressive graphics and mysterious colors that entice players to explore the game when they first enter it. The character can be controlled by touching and swiping the screen, so you don't have to use both hands to control him. Therefore, these are operations that can be performed by any player.

The required movement direction is given to you when you start a level in campaign mode. If the next place is to the left, swipe the screen left. The character will move there automatically soon; that applies to areas above, below, or to the right. You don't know what's in front of your eyes, so always observe and take action accordingly.

There are some levels where you can smash wooden crates and get more gold coins. Some attacks are surprise attacks, and you must block them. You will also have to perform attacks to defeat yakai since they are no longer rare. When you have enough energy, you can launch powerful attacks against them if they attack. In order to defeat stronger opponents, you must block and counterattack accurately.

The power of your character will increase

In Demon Blade, players will find equipment mechanics similar to those found in other RPGs. Until the most powerful equipment set for the character is obtained, the basic equipment will be replaced. However, each weapon has a specific effect you cannot ignore, so after receiving new weapons, be sure to level them up. There will be a long journey to becoming a strong warrior.