Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK latest Version 2023

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3.7 for Android
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Nov 02, 2023
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Duterte needs your help to fight zombies!

Stop the zombies by getting weapons for destruction, earning badges, and teaching them a lesson!

Interested in the fight against criminals and corruption masterminds? An action adventure with an awesome city hero awaits you in this game!

About Duterte Fighting Crime 2:

The incredible mobile game from TATAY is just the thing for you. You will definitely be impressed. As President Duterte of the Philippines, gamers can play Duterte Fighting Crime 2. Additionally, players will take on bandits, criminals, and terrorists in epic shooter encounters.

As you dive into the amazing gameplay presented by this game, we assure you of maximum enjoyment. You will enjoy controlling the collaborative Duterte character in this shooting action. Additionally, you will be able to unlock a variety of interesting firearms and incredible powers and abilities.

It's Funny But Classic:

In case you don't know, this game is a tribute to the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. Upon being elected in 2016, he has made it his personal mission to combat all criminals. It is for this reason that he has already made a lot of headlines.

Due to his antics, we now have Duterte Fighting Crime 2. Shoot down criminals who dare lay waste to the country as Duterte. Take your pick from dozens of high-power weapons and obliterate your opponents. Additionally, you will have intense and hilarious moments in this game as you become a Saiyan. Earn money, and badges, and unlock tons of weapons!

What's new in Duterte Fighting Crime 2:

There is nothing more impressive than a game that makes you laugh and be amazed at the same time. Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is one of those games! The following are some interesting features of the game:

Incredible and funny gameplay – When you combine political satire and classic arcade games you get Duterte Fighting Crime 2. The action and comedy in this funny parody game will keep you entertained for hours. Get ready to battle looting zombies who get in your way with your powerful weapons! Take out all of them at once and collect insane rewards. This is a classic shooting arcade game that is more of a parody than an actual game. Though it's still a game, it's a big meme game that you can enjoy.

Powerful weapons - The shop has tons of powerful guns for you to choose from. FN Scar-L and AK-47 are among the popular ones you can use here. You can also unlock laser guns, freeze guns, gasoline, shotguns, M16s, TNT, M249s, mini-revolvers, and many more! Additionally, you can buy Super Saiyang skills that allow you to transform into Goku and obliterate your opponents instantly. Laser eyes and wind slices are some of the benefits of being a Super Saiyang. The feeling of obliterating your opponents into smithereens is so funny.

Help is sometimes needed - Of course, you also need help sometimes. You can also use the assistance of popular politicians and figures in the Philippines in this game. There's Chief Bato and his machine gun, Miriam Defensor's Fireball Jutsu, and Alan Cayetano's laser gun. You can get help with lots more funny characters here.

Gameplay with eye-candy graphics - The game is so funny because it concocts famous politicians doing funny things. Here you'll find everything you need to make a meme. Regardless of your knowledge, you can still enjoy a well-made shooting game.

Controls - This section allows you to walk forward automatically. Right after that, you can shoot using the buttons.


The Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK has proven effective as a tool to fight crime with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. Due to its advanced surveillance capabilities and real-time reporting system, it has significantly reduced criminal activity. Law enforcement agencies and individuals alike will find this APK to be a reliable and efficient tool in combating crime.

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