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2.1.6 for Android
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Sep 20, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Golf Battle uses elements from golf matches and familiar content from golf matches as well as video clips from golf matches to create gameplay and keep players entertained with friends. Additionally, it features a golf community where members can entertain each other or design complex levels to unlock new possibilities in golf. In addition, players will enjoy everything to the fullest because the graphics, gameplay, system, and more are all friendly and casual.

About Golf Battle APK

Play the most exciting multiplayer mini golf game ever!

Real-time golf gameplay that is breathtaking

The majority of golf-related activities are turn-based, but Golf Battle makes things more exciting and challenging through its real-time mechanics. Additionally, the game has a variety of game modes that diversify everyone's experience, enhancing relaxation in each gentle and funny golf game. Moreover, the game adds more interesting mechanics and content to bring every golf course to life.

In each course, there will be many players, and each person must complete the course with the fewest hits as possible to earn more points. A scoring system determines the winner of each game, which makes things more complicated and thrilling at the same time. Additionally, each golf game can be played in real time or turn-based, so everyone can enjoy completing each course together.

A wide range of game modes and maps

Players can also discover new game modes through the creative and delicate design of the game modes. Instead of requiring the player to navigate based on available hints or instructions, the game has no limits or hints during the trip. A variety of distinct, lively atmospheres can be enjoyed depending on the type of game mode selected.

In addition to going beyond common sense, the golf courses are designed in a sophisticated, innovative way to offer exciting discoveries for everyone. Golfers aim and swing the ball in a specific direction, instead of calculating distances by eye and executing complex shots on a flat map. The ball's perception and ability to measure the impact angle shorten the victory through skill.

Make your balls and clubs unique

The players need separate clubs to play different types of shots if they want to win on every golf course. The clubhead can change the ball's distance, power, and more, allowing them to move more quickly and conveniently on the course. Golf Battle has a wide variety of clubhead designs, whether from the west or east.

The game also introduces more customizations related to the types of balls to make each course more enjoyable. Putting on beautiful hats gives the balls many unique and outstanding effects when they are directly interacted with. Players can also unlock new hats based on daily rewards from the shop, giving them even more ways to customize everything.

Incorporate innovative factors into maps

When Golf Battle has a lot of new features for players to design or create, custom maps are one of them. The design of custom maps is entirely random, so players can create complex roads instead of flat ones. Additionally, the player must utilize all of the functions and abilities of the 3D environment.

By creating buzz, players can download or explore custom maps made by others in the community. There is a lot of built-in community content, including challenges in 1v1 and group games, whether they are official or custom maps. In addition, the game's LAN connection allows players to play offline with friends.

Physics and environment that are realistic

There is no doubt that the most outstanding feature of this game is its realistic and life-like physics system. These things allow players to make the most of the terrain and environment to execute the perfect shots and make their actions smoother and more streamlined. The awesomeness of that physical system allows people to create problems or sabotage their opponents' orbits for pure chaos.

Golf Battle focuses on its innovative and groundbreaking golf gameplay elements, providing lots of content and excitement for all players. In addition, it introduces more activities or exciting playgrounds with custom maps for everyone to have fun together, despite creating fierce and conflicting environments when messing with each other.


Golf courses with diverse terrain and rich scenery are your main challenge as you compete with many different golfers. It is generally quite boring to play a simple golf game. The manufacturer has designed a series of maps with different features on two main game modes, PvP or multiplayer, for players to enjoy. There are two game modes to choose from, Classic and Rush.

Classic mode is the traditional gameplay mode. You must hit the ball into the hole as quickly as possible. The fewer hits you make, the faster you win. In rush mode, you must get the ball into the hole within a certain amount of time.

The "deadly" aspect of this luxurious game lies not in the manipulation, nor in the basic technique. The distance between the standing point and the hole will increase after each round in this game. Between them, obstacles will appear to block the ball, obscure the player's vision, and create illusions around the golf hole. As a result, you will have to use all of your skills, experience from previous rounds, and techniques learned from the game tutorial to put the ball into the hole.

Playing Rush mode, it is important to avoid penalty fouls such as hitting the ball into the water, flying out of the stream, or waiting too long to get overtime. You're not walking around like the aristocrats playing golf in movies. You will be constantly competing with other players, competing little by little based on your score, technique, and time.

It is important for new players to learn how to use the correct force, just as they would in real life. You will be able to control the ball's distance and height once you grasp and master the range and power output of each shot. It is even possible to predict the next hit. As you practice this, you will no longer be intimidated by challenges.

Your winnings can also be used to upgrade your clubs to improve your shots. By using a good club, you will be able to estimate your hitting force more accurately, and you will be able to hit your tee shot neatly and precisely.

The Golf Battle continuously "gives" you unpleasant sandpits when you reach the difficult level. You can only make a certain number of short, small shots in Rush mode, and you have to get the ball back to the grass to avoid losing. You need to learn how to get out of the sandpit with extremely powerful hits at full speed when playing Classic mode. There are sandpits in this game that are both a specialty and a challenge that make players waste time, hit more than usual, and fall into unexpected situations.

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