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1.20.2 for Android
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Oct 18, 2023
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Minecraft is a game where you can transform blocks into whatever you want. The Creative mode offers unlimited resources, while the Survival mode allows you to fend off danger by finding tools. You can play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition across platforms and explore an endless, randomly generated world filled with blocks to mine, biomes to explore, and mobs to befriend (or fight). Play Minecraft how you want - the choice is yours!

Blocks Added

Chiseled bookshelf

An enchanted bookshelf is a new type of bookshelf that can store both regular and enchanted books. Clicking the right mouse button allows you to take books from or place them in this block, which does not have an interface. A bookcase with chiseled edges can hold six books.

Bamboo Planks

In addition to being used as building blocks, bamboo planks can also be used to make fences, slabs, doors, pressure plates, and other items. Bamboo is used in their construction. You can also use them to get a new bamboo mosaic block.

The bamboo mosaic

In addition to being a building block, it can also be used in the construction of stairs and slabs.

The hanging sign

Inscriptions can be left on this block, for example, as a street nameplate. A hanging sign made from logs and chains hangs from the ceiling. Logs used in crafting the hanging sign determine its appearance.

An ancient plant

A new plant can be obtained by planting ancient seeds.

An egg sniffer

There are chests in Ocean Ruins that contain this relatively valuable block. This egg can be used to hatch a new creature - a sniffer.

New Items

Ancient Seeds

Sniffers are the only way to find them on your own. Ancient seeds are brought to you by this creature digging up the ground. This kind of seed can produce a new plant when planted.

The new mobs


As the winner of Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022, this mob enters the game. A sniffer hatches from a sniffer egg. You can plant the seeds and grow new types of plants by digging up the ground to find ancient seeds.

The sniffer has not yet been added to the snapshot and is not available to players, but expect it in the next snapshot.

The camel

This is a new creature you can ride to travel the world. Using a cactus, you can get a baby camel from an adult camel. Along rivers and ravines, it moves faster than any other creature. Camels can carry up to two players, unlike horses. As a camel rider, you are invulnerable to zombies since they cannot reach you. There is no need to tame a camel. A saddle can be put on immediately after you sit on it. There is no need for camel to jump over fences since they can step over them.


Minecraft APK is a popular sandbox game that offers endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. With its immersive gameplay, vast open world, and variety of game modes, Minecraft APK provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Its simple yet addictive gameplay has made it a timeless classic in the gaming industry.

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