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v0.0.3 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 01, 2024
1.33 GB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Order Daybreak an ARPG that deftly weaves post-apocalyptic resilience with sci-fi marvels and anime-inspired grace. See battle in action from a dynamic 2.5D perspective, where deft play and clever movement are paramount. Seek redemption for a world on the verge of destruction as an Aegis Warrior in this protective sanctuary by assembling special allies and standing together against the corruption that stretches before you.

About Order Daybreak

In Order Daybreak, an adventure role-playing game, you go on many adventures alongside courageous female warriors. To put an end to the evil that lurks in a cosmos full of dark powers, you will attempt to vanquish innumerable opponents in each mission by using a vast arsenal of assaults.

Select a warrior and start your adventure

In Order Daybreak, you will meet different female heroes organized into a variety of classes. After selecting your favorite warrior, from the main menu, you will then be ready to dive into a huge universe full of danger. What's more, from the very first challenges you will fight against huge monsters that will attempt to halt your progression at all costs.

Combine moves to surprise your opponents

Order Daybreak has simple controls that are similar to those of other Android RPG games. Simply use the directional joystick to move through each setting and press the action buttons to unleash your attacks. So, in a matter of seconds, you can easily combine multiple attacks that will take down your opponents. However, you need to pay close attention to your opponent's positioning and movements to prevent a monster from defeating you.

Attractive 3D visuals

In Order Daybreak, you will find outstanding 3D graphics that make it very easy to identify all the characters. Without overwhelming your smartphone's resources, this title will show you spectacular animations that are a great way to appreciate the power of each skill.

Game Features

[Allies in the Apocalypse]

Traverse treacherous landscapes to forge alliances with diverse allies. Develop their unique skills to build a synergistic force capable of turning despair into dominance.

[Strategic Combat Synergy]

Refine your reflexes and engage with precision—the essence of our real-time combat system. Each move is a step towards victory, each skill cast is your signature on the battlefield.

[Shape Your Legacy]

Choose from a multitude of classes, each offering distinctive paths of progression. Whether you yearn for the front lines or support from the shadows, redefine your warrior's journey again and again.

[Survival in Style]

Equip your survivor with gear that's both striking and sturdy, and ride into battle on mounts, each engineered for dominance in a world reclaimed from ruin.

[Global Alliances]

With cross-server play, witness ever-shifting alliances and rivalries. Join forces with players worldwide in this seamless integration of cooperation and competition.

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