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Producer: Choose Your Star APK latest Version 2023

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Amrita Studio
1.98 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 20, 2023
164 MB
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Android 5.0+

Produce your Star is a game that produces stars and develops their careers. A talented and good-looking star can be made by each player. Join it from now on to show your creative talent and refresh your character! In order to design and produce your unique celebrity, you can use a variety of methods and features.

Create your own star as a producer. Your protege's career can be developed by giving them gifts, sending them to trainings, solving their problems, and taking pictures.

Become an intelligent and creative manufacturer

Producer: Choose Your Star players have to create a character that is famous, talented, loved, and admired by many. A model may be a fashion model, an actor, a singer, a comedian, and so forth. To accomplish those things, you must be creative, thinking about changing and refreshing the character and finding its strengths to make it shine. Additionally, always deliver quality content and images that attract viewers and fans. Consequently, the fame of the character will spread worldwide.

Provide them with professional training

The road to becoming a public idol is not an easy one. They must be trained and taught through a variety of lessons. You can learn and hone a few more skills by sending them to professional model training courses. While promoting their strengths, help them overcome some weaknesses to become the perfect human.

Keep them cared for and give them gifts

Your goal is to help the characters you are training become closer to you by giving them the best gifts. Create regular opportunities for them to go out, travel, and participate in fun recreational activities to develop a close and good relationship. Furthermore, you must take care of your trainees thoughtfully and not be indifferent to them.

Per day, complete the task as well

Produce: Choose your Star will present you with attractive tasks every day that you must complete in a timely manner. There will be many obstacles to overcome on your way to the star; each mission is a challenge for you. In spite of this, you are a producer who never gives up halfway, who always tries, and who is highly persistent. Your assigned tasks have been completed as a result. Then, you will receive the most valuable and attractive prizes available in the game.

Everyone can have fun

It is also relatively light and easy to use, which makes it a game that can bring the most joy to players. As a result, players have enjoyed a relaxing and healthy entertainment space. As well as learning how to produce, arrange work, and schedule thoughtfully for your idols, you will also learn more attractive skills. Make sure you introduce this fun game to everyone around you so they can experience and discover the new and unique things it brings.

Make a good image of the star

It is important for a professional star to maintain a clean profile. Do not get caught up in any scandals and bad things related to your image. You will be responsible for managing the profiles of star trainees. History will be recorded for admission if it is good and reviewable. If not, please ignore it and find someone else. Once you have a star image, it's time to familiarize them with their field's environment and exercises. You should train hard if you want to reach the public as soon as possible.

Working as a manager or stylist

It is important for the star manager to be able to meet the requirements and unique style of each individual. It's important to know what your star likes or dislikes so you can plan accordingly. Creating a style and fashion style that is appropriate for the star is the most important thing. There is no surprise that you will have to do all this work. You can think of that function as a fashion game. In addition to learning more about dressing, it can also help you beautify yourself. If you work really hard and give the audience a prominent and expensive young star, your salary will increase.

Take part in events and programs

As your trainee becomes more well-known, he or she will be invited to participate in many media outlets. There are TV shows, commercials, game shows... You can play minigames to choose the next schedule for the star. Additionally, you will receive more gifts when the events are successful. The names and images of the stars are being polished. It is you who manage one side of the business, and that side brings huge revenue to the management company. Is that enough motivation to motivate the stars and you to work actively and productively?

The work of star managers is often much busier than that of their stars. The stars are not under much public pressure, but they still need to prepare a lot of work so that they are comfortable and well-groomed. Entrusting to a person who loves devotion like you is the right choice. Find out more about the stories of star managers. At Producer: Choose your Star mod, you must fight the media and protect your star until the end.

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