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Royal Ark
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Jan 27, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Shelter War is the first in a series of challenging zombie shelter games, and in this game, the player is tasked with building a private underground city. One of the last refuges of the wilderness with dangers awaits its inhabitants is the setting for this story. As a result, you must save your people and train survivors to fight other nations. A good strategy is essential to protecting your vault and becoming a top leader.

About Shelter War APK

This tactical combat role-playing game mixes zombie-themed base building with strange graphics

An immersive survival strategy

Survival strategy game Shelter War: Survival Games features RPG elements. The objective of the game is to assume the role of a bunker overseer who has just been appointed. The story takes place in one of the last shelters in America, and you are responsible for building the best bunker for all of your residents. Get your survivors to a better tomorrow by leading them!

Would the apocalypse happen tomorrow

There are raiders and cyborgs. There are zombies and mutants. The evil knights and the crazy killer robots. The last remnants of modern civilization must be protected from these creatures in order to build a prosperous underground ark. It is your only true destiny to build the safest ark possible in a world suffering from murderous radioactive fallout.

You're in for a treat

Shelter War is not your typical vault-building game or resource management game. This game immerses you in a world of never-ending wars for survival and resources through its unique mechanics, good looks, and graphic violence (not too graphic though!). Keep your wits about you! It's time for your soldiers to build the most legendary base of operations, then jump out of their vault suits and enter the world of nuclear fallout! Greetings from the Wastelands! It's fun to be on the warpath against everyone and everything!

Make sure your people are in control

An RPG-style shelter life simulator, Shelter War: Survival Games has strong RPG elements. Claim rewards, craft equipment, and manage resources. You can enjoy hilarious narratives and role-playing however you like! You've never experienced survival like this before!

Discover the wasteland

Observe and control your shelter's borderland areas. Watch as mutants scheming against humanity transform America into something you've never seen before! Take part in shelter wars as you build your impenetrable castle from the ground up.

Take your fighting to a whole new level

You're on the warpath now. A war simulator can also be found in Shelter War: Survival Games. Win battles requiring strategy and planning over countless enemies! The zombie apocalypse this time is different. You must become the greatest hero in the last days of the world... or die trying!


Shelter War is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Within the underground bases, the few survivors thought they were safe and lived in harmony. The leader suddenly changed his mind, and arbitrarily expelled all those who disobeyed him, including those who had stood shoulder to shoulder with him in the past.

As a result of that injustice, you have broken away, gathering resources, crafting weapons, fighting zombies, and battling dictators on the other side of the front line, while rebuilding everything from scratch with loyal followers. To accomplish this, you need a strong base, sustainable development, and a well-equipped and trained army. Compared to mankind's destruction in the previous catastrophe, the post-apocalyptic war is even more brutal.

In my opinion, Shelter War's plot is new, has depth, and the storytelling is quite coherent for a zombie game. In particular, it contains a lot of interesting twists, which are reflected in the choices the players make throughout the game (such as deciding whether to let a group of wanderers join their ranks or not, which will impact the story in different ways.)


Shelter War has a rather strange character creation system. Characters are small, the bodies are a bit clumsy, but super cool, and the style is stylized from the robot that looks nice and strong. There are many of you who are tired of playing zombie games because of scary scenery and heavy characters, but when you play Shelter War, that feeling will be gone. In the game, you'll quickly find yourself engaged in hundreds of campaigns with multi-level challenges and cute characters.

Shelter War is a survival role-playing strategy game that combines construction and combat in a zombie environment. In addition to zombies, there are also rebellious cyborgs and the hostile forces of the old leader. It is important to be strong, to have enough weapons and soldiers to fight these enemies. You must do well in manufacturing, upgrading, and building at the same time. Your strategic talent must be demonstrated by using people effectively, choosing the number of troops to go to war, orienting the manufacture of weapons, and managing the resources you have well, including soldiers and equipment.

Your mission and that of your teammates in this post-apocalyptic world is to together build an underground city that will serve as a shelter for survivors as well as open the door to humanity's survival in the future. To ensure the safety and sustainability of the underground city, you must work hard to protect the people around you, create everything necessary for its growth, and train other survivors.

It seems the stature and perspective of the character in Shelter War are much lower than those in other zombie games. As part of the process of rebuilding everything, much of the time is devoted to protecting, maintaining, and developing.

Build basic structures, gather materials on the ground, upgrade small structures into stronger bases starting with a small group of survivors. To fight the crowded zombies out there, we must build a strong army. You must not only control your troops, but also train them to ensure they have the necessary skills.

Scenes from battles

A wide variety of weapons is available in Shelter War, including single-user weapons, guns, tanks, planes, and heavy robots. Different types have different abilities and attack ranges. Additional effects include explosions, attractive bombardment, brilliance, screen corners, and detailed sound in each match. Despite the fact that there are many small activities in the game, the immediate battle situation is taking place too majestically, not inferior to any zombie combat game.

There is also an automatic attack mode in Shelter War. The game will deploy fire, aim, and fire automatically as long as the enemy appears and you equip enough weapons.

In addition to the weapons available during the game, you can also craft entirely new weapons from the items you have in stock to support more players when the number of zombies is too large: homemade cars, homemade machine guns... Heavyer weapons with unexpected firepower increase your chances of winning.

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