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Aplicación por:
MonsterScope Studios
1.1.0 para Android
Actualizado en:
ene. 27, 2024
370 MB
Android requerido:
Android 5.0+

Welcome to the Dawnblade world Apk. Take on single player and multiplayer dungeons, craft legendary gear sets, and defend the world against demons.

Dawnblade is an ARPG experience on your phone that lets you crawl through dungeons and battle bosses. Do you like solo quests? Experience Dawnblade's 50+ dungeons on your own. Would you like things to be a bit more competitive? Become the top of the leaderboards in Dawnblade: PVP by fighting multiplayer battles.

If you are looking for a role-playing action game that will entertain you after a long and tiring day, Dawnblade is the perfect choice. Playing this game will bring you experiences you can only find in this game, with its attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Discover a rare and long-lost treasure by engaging in battle with ferocious monsters.

About Dawnblade APK

There are quite a few traditional role-playing games available on the market today. Every product offers unique features and gameplay, so players can choose what they are interested in. Dawnblade is fully equipped to meet your needs for a classic role-playing game with what it has.

Therefore, this game also features beautiful combat effects and high control difficulty. MonsterScope Studios developed the game, a publisher that is relatively unknown to many players today. Despite this, you can rest assured that there are a number of special features available in the game. Despite only being available in early access on Google Play, Dawnblade has collected more than 100 thousand installs so far. The number is impressive enough to make players expect an RPG game with many outstanding features.

There is no end to the war

Dawnblade will transport players back to a time when magic reigned - a time when nations fought for power continually. People around the world are directly threatened by war, which causes many devastating disasters, destroys, and destroys. Unifying the world and bringing peace to the people will require you to stand up and fight. Without the help of other players around the world, this mission is relatively difficult.

Dawnblade has a very engaging storyline, similar to other games of the same genre. During their journey, players will be able to watch a short built-in video to better understand the plot of the game. If you don't want to spend too much time playing the game, you can skip the video.

Decide which character to choose

The game requires players to name their characters before playing. Choose a character who will accompany you throughout the game. Compared to other games, Dawnblade offers a relatively diverse character system with a variety of advantages. Getting a suitable character for the game will be easier this way.

You can choose from three types of classes in the game, including swordmaster, assassin, and mage. In order to maximize power, each class will direct the character to a specific edge. Additionally, you can customize your character's appearance during the journey.

Let's get started

You will quickly be transported to a wildland after completing the basic requirements of the game. As players progress through the game, they will encounter monsters that appear randomly. In order to gain experience and level up their characters, you must destroy them. You will have difficulty finishing your opponent at first due to the lack of a strong skill system. The character's powerful skills can be unlocked by leveling up quickly.

Throughout the game experience, the mission system will appear. In order to receive desired items in the game, you must complete the assigned challenges. There will be a significant increase in the difficulty of the mission in the near future. With Dawnblade, players will always want to conquer new heights and feel excited.

In the game, keep moving to find valuable equipment that will help the character increase their attack or defense quickly. Strength can be gained by using or enhancing new equipment.

Hunt for treasure

The Dawnblade story takes place in a world where magic is used almost everywhere, resulting in power struggles between nations. Those who dare to stand up and fight for good will be around. Your people will be protected by you when you become one of those powerful warriors.

A legendary treasure called "Dawnblade" is rumored to be hidden somewhere in mysterious lands no one has ever visited, a treasure that has been lost for a long time. Only it can provide you with an endless supply of strength to deal with the wicked. On the way, you will encounter monsters, and you will have to use all your skills to destroy them.

Fighting skills are very important

Unlike other games, Dawnblade's pace is quite fast and can overwhelm you from the very beginning. But don't worry too much, you can become a professional player very quickly. Controlling the character smoothly so that it can avoid attacks from monsters requires a high level of skill.

There are three different roles the character can play in the game: mage, swordmaster, and gunner. As each role has a unique skill and fighting style, you should choose the one that suits your abilities. Using each character's skill set, you'll be able to create powerful combos to increase damage against your enemies.

Upgrade of character

The game's difficulty will increase later, so upgrading your character will also help you cope with that harsh environment. By upgrading the character, you will also be able to promote strengths and increase stats like defense and attack. You need the equipment that comes with the character in any role-playing fighting game in order to fight more effectively.

Additionally, you have companions who will be of great help during the battle with the monsters as well as the equipment. Your companions here will be solid-shaped pets that help you deal more damage. During each match, you can only bring two pets to support yourself. You will gain them through battles.

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