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Aplicación por:
LEMON Studio
0.6.1 para Android
Actualizado en:
ene. 27, 2024
116 MB
Android requerido:
Android 5.0+

The great war between the great heroes has officially begun in Super Stickman Dragon Warriors, and the scale is many times larger than ever before. There are many unique elements in the action game that have made players more excited than ever before. Furthermore, you will be able to create decisive victories through the game's decisive matches. In order to keep their characters fresh, players must also add valuable new features.

In every war, there is an ending battle, and those are always the fiercest and most fierce battles. Super Stickman Dragon Warriors also pits the best Dragon Warriors against each other to find the greatest warrior.

This game is simple, but intriguing, so you're sure to have a great time playing it. The only thing you have to do is fly, dodge, charge your ki, perform basic and three advanced attacks, transform your hero into a special form, and fight. It's surprising how appealing the sound effects and graphics are when the controls are so simple.

About Super Stickman Dragon Warriors APK

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors continues to offer fierce battles. There will be a fiery atmosphere throughout each battle stage. You also know that joining the war depends on many factors. To determine the outcome of a fight, strength and strategy are crucial. There will be many challenges for each player, as well as formidable opponents. Attack enemies with powerful breakthroughs to eliminate them. The ability to become a talented warrior is within your grasp. All goals must be completed, and the enemy force must quickly accept death.

You can choose from a variety of game modes. Operation is made easier by the simple and intuitive mechanism. This game is not only attractive from a gameplay perspective, but also from a graphics and sound perspective. It is no different from reality for players to experience a dramatic battle. As a result of the fierceness and challenges, you must be courageous, dare to face whatever comes your way. As you fight on multiple battlefields, your experience will also increase. Defeating the enemy will leave you with a feeling of joy that is difficult to put into words. Take part in Super Stickman Dragon Warriors and have a great time.

Games with a wide range of options

The game offers a wide range of battlefields and game modes if you're looking for a variety of experiences. The game includes 7 game modes: PVP, fighting, story, tournament, boss killing, survival, and training. All challenging moves are available for you to try out. During PVP mode, you will face countless powerful enemies. By collaborating with friends, you can eliminate enemies through confrontation. Make the strongest attack combos to defeat the enemy quickly. Earn attractive honorary prizes by participating in 16 tournaments. Learn more about the other game modes in Super Stickman Dragon Warriors

Discover the strongest warriors

Besides its variety of gameplay, the game also features a unique warrior system. There are quite a few powerful and talented heroes waiting for you to discover. Decide who will accompany you in the matches, and destroy the opponent's force. Super Stickman Dragon Warriors unlocks new warriors through the game screen. Additionally, players can customize their appearance and upgrade their strength. Through levels, you can train and increase your attack stats. The deeper you go into the battle, the more powerful the opponent will become. All enemies can be defeated by taking advantage of the warrior's abilities and strengths.

We need to save the world

Your enemies are always plotting and determined to harm you. The entire world is standing on the brink of danger, which needs to be averted. Heroes should also take action and accomplish a noble mission now. Protect the world by going to war and entering dramatic battles. Find a way to deal with each enemy, and don't let them dominate. The most appropriate strategy must also be combined with each attack. It will no longer appear that there are any enemy forces in the area. Possessing formidable abilities, worthy of a brave warrior. Play Super Stickman Dragon Warriors mod cosmic war to find the best warrior.

You can choose your own hero

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors allows players to choose any character as their hero. It is interesting to note that each hero has a unique feature, and these features create sympathy. We will see heroes of different ranges or also heroes with outstanding skills in this war. There is a desire to win among everyone, so you should also pay close attention to your opponents.

Heroes can fight each other

In order to embrace the victory, you need to gather the essential skills and prepare to take decisive action. Your opponent will be revealed in the game, and we'll be able to see a glimpse of them. Furthermore, you should add strength to the process of fighting by using fire to attack your opponents. It is important that the player throw kicks at their opponents to disorient them as well.

Skills can be upgraded and added

As a result of these exciting things, you will also be able to see how attractive your hero really is. You will also receive upgrades that will help you succeed. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to share exciting skills with your group members. Your focus should be on gathering all the skills you need to win the battle. Additionally, you must create a fire membrane when in trouble to rescue yourself.

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