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v3.4.0 Pour Android
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avr. 10, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Project Sekai APK! Feat. Hatsune Miku is a rhythm game character from Japan, produced and developed by Sega Corporation. It was inspired by the film series Hatsune Miku: Project Diva. Sekai fans will recognize Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and Meiko as virtual singers in the series. In this case, it is virtual, fictional singers who are reimaged and perform songs vividly.

The virtual world of the game is colorful

The game takes place in two major Japanese cities, Tokyo and Yokohama. Virtual characters perform songs around the world using preprogrammed vocals in the game. Throughout the game, each singer will have a unique personality, emotion; players can choose the character that best represents their feelings. In the game's playlist, players can select songs based on words or non-lyrical melodies that reflect their inner well-being. There will be a theme for each character, as well as a plot for Hatsune Miku. There will be different costumes for each character, and different singers will voice them.

With idols, you can easily conquer the game

Players will be selected when playing the game. Game modes range from easy to complex, depending on how the player operates. There will be four main lines divided by color on the screen, and the notes will follow them. Swiping the screen in the direction of the notes is required. As soon as the notes reach the destination, the player must complete the operation; otherwise, the note will be missed. Rhythmically, the notes appeared to follow the sound so that the player could immerse himself in the music.

Players who manipulate correctly at the finish line will see the word "perfect" displayed to increase their points. There are no notes missed during the game, and it counts as a combo. Combos increase your score exponentially. Until the song is over, the notes will continue. Above the screen, on the left, you'll see how many experience points you've earned, and on the right, you'll see how many health points you've left. If the health score reaches zero, you quit. Promotion requires quick hand operation skills and high improvisation abilities.

Idol shopping in the game

Upon completing the song, you will receive diamonds, experience points (EXP). Diamonds can be used to buy the next song on the playlist, or to buy the costumes and characters in the game you desire. In addition to the free songs in the game, there will be limited music and limited characters players will need to recharge in order to collect. Moreover, there will be a Virtual Live event, an in-game mode that allows you to take part in the online concert. A virtual character and other players will be available to interact with during the concert.

The 2.5D graphics of Hatsune Miku allow players to interact honestly with the game's colorful music world. Moreover, the game's music is updated regularly, allowing players to pick the hottest songs in their country and around the world. The game's new features will be enjoyed by everyone, so let's download it and try it out!


The Project Sekai APK download features Japanese techno and simply irresistible house music. You can enjoy seamless gameplay because the rhythms are perfectly synced.

The beats of its songs run smoothly on your device with just a flow that keeps you moving forward. In addition, the controls are quite straightforward and user-friendly. Customize your avatar to match the look of your favorite character.

While competing against other players' high scores, you can also interact in real-time with them. You should not miss this game if you love music and rhythm.

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