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1.4.9 Pour Android
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janv. 27, 2024
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Android 5.0+

The player will be thrown into a world full of dangers in Super Wizard. It's at this point that your survival instinct will kick in and save the gamer. Become a mage in Super Wizard and fight for your life. Having a powerful magic system is a blessing. In order for players to overcome the challenges ahead, that will be an essential factor. To succeed, apply them flexibly to each situation and opponent. There is a frenetic fighting atmosphere in Super Wizard, with fierceness coming from all directions. Each gamer must act in a certain way in order to survive.

Super Wizard brings a unique experience to every battle. Every action is fierce and fascinating, but they all have one thing in common. In order to play games, gamers must maintain a high level of concentration. With time and levels, your challenges will become more complex. Players are forced to maintain and control the game. Negligence or mistakes are costly. Don't let failure taste like failure. There's nothing fun about it. In Super Wizard, you will experience hundreds of challenging levels. Let's transform the arenas you must conquer into glorious halls of victory.

About Super Wizard APK

Super Wizard is a roguelike action game with over 20 magic skills. It is possible to create different battle styles by combining different magic skills. A large number of artifacts with different spell effects will make the battle unending.

Discover the system of skills and spells

There will be a fighting skill and a magic skill for each character in Super Wizard. It is considered an excellent tool for dealing with different types of enemies. In a nutshell, it refers to the weapon system you have. However, it's not like other games that use guns or swords or vehicles. The weapon you use is magic. It was even more powerful than any weapon we had seen before. In medieval swordplay movies, you might have seen similar moves. In this case, your character is the one who owns it. You'll have the best support on any battlefield with more than 20 different types of spells.

Monsters that are scary

Monsters are another indispensable element. These are villains and formidable opponents that players must defeat. Diverse and robust, they are all the same. During each match, the player will face a different type of monster. As levels increase, these monsters become more difficult to defeat and deal with. Passing these levels requires players to constantly improve their skills and strength.

Discover new heroes and items

There is more than one hero in Super Wizard. New heroes can be unlocked in addition to the default character. Depending on the achievements you've achieved and levels you've reached, you'll be able to collect new heroes. Additionally, there is a system of valuable and beneficial items that you must manage. Become a magician to defend peace by defeating monsters with Super Wizard Apk.


  • You play as a wizard in this roguelike game with magic skills.
  • Choose from over 20 magic skills and 10 abilities to create your unique combination.
  • When you complete the game on normal difficulty, you'll unlock a harder level with even greater rewards.
  • There are monsters with devastating special abilities waiting to be destroyed.
  • You can collect heroes, weapons, armor, rings, and many other items.
  • It's never been more fun to go hunting.
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