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Mobile users can now play the horror adventure game, Little Nightmares, which was previously only available on PCs and consoles.

The dark whimsical tale Little Nightmares will remind you of your childhood fears!

Defend Six from The Maw - a vast, mysterious vessel filled with corrupted souls awaiting their next meal.

Explore the most disturbing dollhouse, featuring a prison to escape from and a playground full of hidden secrets as you progress along your journey.

Get in touch with your inner child and discover the way out!

There is a subtle mixture of action and puzzle-platformer mechanics in Little Nightmares, rooted in an eerie artistic direction and creepy soundtrack.

Escape the Maw's dreary maze by sneaking your way out and running away from its corrupted residents.


In Little Nightmares APK, players enjoy a horror adventure game that offers an atmospheric gaming experience. During the game, players control Six, a young girl trapped in an unknown world.

Players navigate the Maw's eerie corridors as they solve puzzles and explore. A dark and unsettling environment is filled with unsettling creatures and dangerous obstacles.

If players are detected by the Maw's inhabitants, they will be eaten alive. The controls of the game are simple and easy to understand, allowing players to easily control Six's movements.

The Little Nightmares APK also features an intriguing story that explores themes of innocence, fear, and the dark side of us all. There is an eerie soundtrack that perfectly complements the game's atmospheric visuals, which are hauntingly beautiful.

The Little Nightmares APK is a must-play for horror game lovers as well as anyone seeking an immersive gaming experience. A captivating story, atmospheric gameplay, and stunning visuals make this a must-play game.


  • You will be a part of a dark and thrilling adventure as you tiptoe through it
  • You'll find your childhood fears resurfacing inside an eerie vessel and escape from its eerie inhabitants
  • Platform puzzles require you to climb, crawl, and hide your way through nightmarish environments
  • You will be captivated by the Maw's creepy sound design


Little Nightmares APK is a highly immersive experience that captivates players with its eerie atmosphere and captivating story. The game successfully combines horror elements with puzzle-solving gameplay, creating a unique and engaging experience. With its stunning visuals and haunting soundtrack, Little Nightmares APK leaves a lasting impression on players, leaving them wanting more.

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