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Feeling Game Company
2.1 untuk Android
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Jan 27, 2024
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Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Every Hero is built on the pure fighting action method that many people enjoy. The pace is incredibly fast, which makes for a high-tempo that is engaging. The player, when he or she needs to control the buttons quickly and flexibly. Create exciting combos that make you feel energised. The 3D graphics of the game will give us a better and more comfortable viewing experience. You can feel the realism in every movement and sound. There will be moments of fun and confidence for the subsequent activities.

About Every Hero APK

Every Hero relies on the high-paced elements of the hack-n-slash genre to stimulate everyone's experience significantly. Also, its world is large and constantly expanding, so people can always discover new things through fierce battles while having fun. In constant combat, new stories and encounters are always new opportunities for players to always have sublime feelings.

Discover the mysteries of a boundless world

There will always be new challenges or levels for players to overcome in Every Hero due to the variety of biomes. Additionally, hidden levels will appear that will allow everyone to battle experienced and powerful bosses for moments of extreme excitement. The biome changes dramatically as players progress, and everyone must work hard to advance through complex challenges.

An intoxicating battle experience with well-optimized controls

The control mechanism is perfectly optimized to allow the player to control the character with just one finger while performing numerous actions. It is their goal to find weak points in bosses or enemies in the environment, so they must perform attacks or dodge effectively in order to progress. It will be necessary for players to have good timing skills to improve combat results or to perform intricate actions against multiple targets in more complex mechanics.

Discover the hidden abilities of multiple characters

The variety of characters in Every Hero will significantly affect gameplay or a player's fighting style when they perform differently. Each character is proficient in only one compatible weapon, and their combat is either engaging or refreshing. In addition to upgrading characters' abilities, players can achieve many fascinating achievements through fierce battles.

Collect weapons that have hideous effects

Several weapon systems are available in the game to change the way the player fights or takes advantage of situations to the fullest extent. Their character will pick up a certain weapon, but it will have bad effects or change their shape depending on the type they control. Thus, players must carefully consider combining skills with available ones to create many advantages on the current battlefield or later on.

Various skills to pick randomly for permanent enhancement

Every Hero applies roguelike mechanics to allow the player to create a multitude of potentials with every play. When they level up, they will receive one of three random skills, and they must choose carefully since all skills stack together and can provide a lot of interesting options. In addition to upgrading existing skills, players can unlock all hidden potential to achieve desired results through all biomes if they are lucky enough.

The most badass boss awaits you in secret levels

The game's maximum entertainment comes from the bosses hidden in the unofficial levels, and they also offer many rewards. The size of the enemy is always large, and the attack tempo is fierce, so players must use every defense ability to the fullest extent possible. There are many skill changes or bad effects that can change the course of the game, giving players more entertainment to make every boss an easy target.

A straight action game with an amusing concept gives everyone a refreshing and enjoyable experience through a variety of stages. There is also a perfect combination of random elements in its systems and characters, making every potential study and exploration new.

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