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Lonely Few
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gen 27, 2024
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A puzzle game about mixing and matching colors, Blendoku 2 is a game about colors.

'Blendoku 2' is a color-based game.

Are you a master of color? Are you a color virtuoso? Colors are what motivate you to get up in the morning, aren't they? Blendoku is the right game for you, the layouts and palettes are all handcrafted and designed to test your color sense.

Maybe you're a color novice? Is the thought of picking colors making you sweat? We're here to help you overcome that fear with Blendoku! Become a Color Savant before you know it!

Blendoku uses colors, and how we perceive them, to craft an engaging and challenging puzzle experience.

Enjoy your time! You can learn color theory, get inspired, and play with friends, it's all here!

We need your help to share Blendoku 2 and make the world a more colorful place!

A lot of new features have been added to Blendoku 2, including new puzzle types, multiplayer, a painting mode, the ability to zoom in and out, themes, and a new unlocking system.

Based on color principles and exercises taught at art schools around the world, the game utilizes color principles and exercises.

Hundreds of levels (all free) to choose from. Both casual and experienced gamers will enjoy the game.


  • There are 500 free levels with a wide range of difficulty levels
  • Compared to the rest of the world, how do you compare?
  • The perfect badges for perfectionists
  • Controls that are intuitive and simple to use
  • A fun and addictive game
  • The color strategy is unique
  • The new "Lab" color model is now available
  • Level progress is automatically saved!
  • The support of colorblind people

Please make sure you have updated to the latest version of the game before you play multiplayer.


The Blendoku 2 APK is an interesting puzzle game that challenges players to match up the colors on a grid. There are 300 levels in this game, which will keep you entertained for hours. A simple interface makes the game easy to play, and the difficulty level gradually increases to keep players engaged. Its vibrant colors and soothing soundtrack make it a relaxing game. It is a must-have for puzzle enthusiasts to download Blendoku 2 APK.

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