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SayGames Ltd
1.0.12 per Android
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set 20, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Would you like to explore your interior design dreams in a setting that is both enjoyable and peaceful, and where you can experiment with a variety of furniture and décor themes as you please? If so, you should play Decor Life.

When you think about making changes to your home, do you get excited? Are you ever tempted to start again with a blank canvas and design your perfect house over and over again? You get all the fun elements of moving and decorating without any of the real-life difficulties and hard work by combining a variety of one-of-a-kind rooms, furniture pieces, and design products.

Sweet home of yours

Our range of rooms is vast and ever-expanding, each with its own distinctive ambiance and characteristics, each unique to its owner. Come up with the best refurbishment alternatives for each individual room by trying, trying, and trying some more. Select your furniture and decorations, and then move them around the room until you find the perfect place for them.

Thinking outside the box

Decor Life simulates the entire home improvement process, from planning to completion. After choosing a home design option, unboxing and positioning the furniture, and finally unpacking and arranging the newly acquired decorative items and possessions in the room that has been redecorated, the first step is to organize the old furniture and the contents of the room that has not been renovated into appropriate boxes.

There is no need for rules

Do you have any doubts about your preferences when it comes to home design? The game Decor Life has no correct answers, and no one will correct your decisions when you reach the end of each level.

Because you get to choose the designs and furnishings you desire and evaluate the effectiveness of their execution according to your own standards, you can relax and enjoy the greatest amount of enjoyment from letting your design dream run wild.

Unboxing a product is a journey into the unknown, since you never know what will be inside. Where might a drum set, a safe, a gorgeous still life, or any of a number of other one-of-a-kind items find their proper home in your new bedroom?

View all maps

You now have access to the road map for home design. Stages don't have to be played in a particular order; instead, explore the different rooms on the map to get to the point where you want to decorate.

You may make your own decisions on the interior design of the space you are designing, and you may enjoy the fruits of your labor as you play in a setting that is peaceful and open. Play this unique and inventive decorating game and let your imagination soar.

Renovation time

Make your own interior design choices in this imaginative and original decorating game where you can admire the results of your design labors in a relaxing and open environment.

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