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Dark Dome
1.0.49 per Android
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gen 27, 2024
53 MB
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Android 5.0+
18+ Games

Nowhere House is a mysterious puzzle game from Dark Dome studio. You will be faced with completely different tasks at every level. You are in a village where a witch lived many years ago. Those villagers feared for their lives, believed she sent all the trouble on them, and decided to catch her. During the trial, however, she mysteriously disappeared. Nevertheless, the witch's house still stands on the hill, and the locals say that whoever enters it cannot leave. Get to the bottom of the big secret of a powerful witch by using your ingenuity and courage.

About Nowhere House APK

It is a tale that virtually everyone has heard at least once that serves as the inspiration for Nowhere House. Once upon a time, there lived a witch in a rural community. This story takes place in the town of Hidden. As players embark on the fascinating journey, they may find that the witch isn't always as evil as they first believed. In order to protect themselves from danger, the villagers took her away.

On the day she was pronounced guilty, she disappeared without a trace. She once lived at the crest of a hill, where her home still stands. Often, people believe that once they enter his home, they will be trapped there forever. What if you discovered the truth about it? Would you be willing to take the risk?

A player will be sent to a strange universe where everything appears to be different from what it normally would be. The game has the feel of a conventional horror game, giving players the sense of being trapped and uneasy. A good number of startling moments will be present in the game, but the plot will be filled with many unexpected turns and twists as well.

The main character's fate is kept on edge of your seat as a result of this. Items the players discover along the path will be available for them to pick up and use in the near future. It is intentional on the developer's part not to make it clear what purpose each item serves. You must first generate some thoughts in order to determine what you need. Obtaining something early in the game may require traveling a long distance.


The inhabitants of this city were once frightened of a real witch who lived in this city. This witch frightened them so much that they decided to capture her. You can read the continuation of the story by downloading Nowhere House.

Puzzles to solve

Until now, there have been terrible legends surrounding the witch and her mysterious house. It has never been returned from by anyone who has just entered it. Would you dare to enter this house to solve all the puzzles of varying difficulty and find all the answers? Nowhere House contains all the items you will need to solve new puzzles, so be sure to collect all of them.

Unravel the mystery of the mysterious house

Discover more about the mysterious witch through the mysterious story. All her secrets will be revealed. You have to complete tasks, open closed doors, and discover the city's main secret. Take a look around and look for useful items that can help you. A captivating story, colorful graphics, and simple controls will keep you captivated for a long time.

Make a plan to escape

Naturally, you have to go to the same house as your friends. When you decided to get out of the house, the beliefs weren't just empty words. It will become clear to you that there is no way out. You will realize later that you have moved to a totally different dimension, and you must solve many mysteries in order to return. You will encounter different tasks and puzzles in each location, solving which will enable you to progress.

As there will be many unexpected and sudden phenomena in the game, it will take courage to play it. You can only return home after understanding what the mistress of the house wants to tell you. Be attentive to the little things, they are often the most important, and interact with objects along the way to accomplish this.

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