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3.0.4 Android 용
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1 27, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Cat Spa is the cute management simulation game your body has been aching for! At the furriest massage parlor and spa in town, cat fairies will help you relax.

You're the boss! Watch the animal customers roll in when you hire a variety of cat fairies as your staff. Kids are not allowed! The Cat Spa is only for adults.

The main massage room (who doesn't enjoy getting a massage with a random stranger), a lounge for your staff to relax, and a hair salon for your most expensive guests are just some of the many spaces you can unlock and decorate! In case you get hungry, we might even add a restaurant. I don't know! The cat fairies do what they want.

Collect adorable snapshots and stories from your customers and employees. You never know what will happen in a massage parlor run by cat fairies! There's nothing to worry about, we promise.

It's a game that doesn't allow slouching. It takes a lot of effort to provide high quality massage and personal care services! Make sure you're maximizing your profits to grow even more!

About Cat Spa APK

It is the first time that there has ever been a game where only cats are accepted as customers when you come to Cat Spa. There is a massage parlor here that is known for its thoughtful service and exceptional four-legged staff. You can become an owner who cares about employees and constantly listens to customers' opinions to improve. A never-ending movie with touching and funny moments is created by each guest you receive.

The cat massage shop is here to serve you

In order to alleviate physical and emotional pain, Cat Spa has created a game that simulates the operation of a massage shop. There will be dozens or even hundreds of customers every day in this most luxurious spa in town. Would you like to be the head of such a large store?

To provide the best customer service, choose the right staff

The Cat Spa now has a particular gate where players can hire a lot of staff to serve them. Employees will be assigned to different departments. In addition, it is the character's strength and experience. However, I am not referring to people or heroes here, but to adorable cats. In addition to sparkling eyes, they also have soft fur that no one can resist.

A journey through shop decoration

As many essential events in a year approach, we should immediately begin decorating the store. To attract and attract customers, aside from the quality of service and skill of the staff, but compared to an ugly shop and a gorgeous one, perhaps everyone will choose the latter. That's all right. The shop can be decorated with flowers, light bulbs, or luxury or classic furniture. The success of your business depends on this.

After-work lounge for employees

When your employees have worked hard for hours, they need to rest, not stop there. Therefore, a dedicated lounge was created for employees. Cats benefit from it primarily by recovering quickly. You can nap here, sleep here at night, have breakfast here, or even talk with your colleagues over dinner.

Taking care of customers from their hair to their meals

We also return to the Cat Spa's customer care services together. In addition to massages that bring comfort and relaxation to customers, we also offer barbershop services. The barbers will meticulously trim each bunch of your hair in this place. We also added a restaurant with full dishes from Asia to Europe so our customers can eat while relaxing.


The number of downloads exceeded 1 million in just a month, and the average rating in the Play Market is 4.7 out of 5, which is extremely high. Now is the time to join the people who are enjoying Cat SPA!

There are cute cats everywhere

Welcoming you to the world of cute cats. Among them, they hold different positions, work and raise families, and enjoy visiting SPAs in their free time. It's a salon that you have to manage. With a huge space at your disposal, you can arrange everything from massages to wraps to swimming pools.

In order to succeed in business, you need to develop your business, hire and manage staff, court customers, and monitor profitability. Throughout the game, every character is a cute animal. There is no clear goal in the project gameplay, so you can develop as long as you like. You can play until you get bored.

Make your salon more attractive

Considering Cat SPA as a game in general, it is an ordinary business simulator. The story revolves around a small salon that has to become a corporate giant. The essence of the game lies in constantly improving it, adding new services, hiring staff, and making additional profits. The more clients your employees serve, the more profitable your business will be. Thus, a small salon can become a real recreation center where everyone can find something to enjoy. Keep an eye on the staff as you develop equipment and furniture, buy new things, and change the design. While at the same time, the gameplay is wrapped in an incredibly cute package with many little details.

The gamer invests the earned money in modernizing the interior, furnishing the business, and expanding it. Look for a circle with a plus sign when installing the interior and massage tables. It is possible to accommodate six couches at Cat SPA. If you want to change the decor, you can install a decorative pond. As it is initially supplied, you can convert it from a simple rough wood counter into a stylish piece of furniture (in four steps).

Employ nice, responsible employees

The client will leave if you try to perform the massage yourself. Bring in the first worker instead. Cat SPA's first employee is free, but subsequent ones require some special treatment. Visit the vacancy counter and submit your resume. Besides the photo, it displays the future employee's name, class, and a personal comment. You can hire someone if you like them. Send the new employee to perform the service after training him urgently.

There is a lot of funny animation throughout the process. Every time a visitor receives a massage, they leave apples behind, so be sure to pick them up. Keeping all spa work is possible because of this resource. You can also get a tasty treat along with apples. After completing the service, send the employees to the recreation room, but before they do so, purchase a soft pillow.

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