Eternal Return APK

Eternal Return APK najnowszy Wersja 2023

App By:
Sidereal Ark
3.2.6 dla Android
paź 18, 2023
88 MB
Wymagany Android:
Android 5.0+
Role Playing

Eternal Return is an action-adventure game from the manufacturer Sidereal Ark. You will be immersed in the beautiful land of the rising sun with its colors. A hero's journey is arduous. Your mission is to destroy the evil sun goddess and her minions. Featuring an exciting fantasy storyline, gamers will be captivated by the journey.

There will always be excitement in the fights in Eternal Return, which are fascinating and dramatic. Take on the role of a hero and fight for the cause of justice. There are surprises and beautiful things waiting for you to discover and conquer ahead. It will become increasingly difficult to win turn-based battles. In Eternal Return, you can expect arduous, but glorious action.

About Eternal Return APK

A game that is making waves in the current game world comes from the publisher of Sidereal Ark of the RPG series, action-adventure: Eternal Return: Monsters RPG. Upon entering the game, you are immersed in a beautiful wonderland reminiscent of the rising sun country – Japan – with a captivating and thrilling fantasy story. Taking on the role of Einar, you must defeat the evil sun queen and her dirty henchmen to restore order to the world. With the help of allies, you can use magic spells and a variety of intelligent strategy gameplay to achieve this goal. You can expect an unforgettable experience from all of them.

A lightning mission for the player

The return of the evil funds has turned the world upside down; everything is on the verge of destruction. It hurts your heart to see that scene at the Eternal Return, as if your own world is slowly being pushed aside. That feeling has inspired you to save the world by all means. To begin with, your enemies at present are the sun queen and the yokai.

Animals of the Kami

Aside from the game itself, you can also find and use kami pets and magic monsters in Eternal Return, as well as spells and weapons. All of these special characters possess special abilities and will be very helpful to you if you need assistance. As they rank up, you can teach them new attacks and techniques. No opponent will be able to compete with the power of the combination of your magic and spells!

System of talk fighting

Eternal Return uses a turn-based system similar to a chessboard. The combat system in this version has been improved upon from the previous versions. Magic, skills, and excellent content are all available in the game, and you can use them for free depending on your achievements. You can fight hard, display your full strategic abilities, and show off the character's limitless energy and stamina.

Fighting with cards

There will be higher levels of difficulty as the game progresses. You will encounter more yokai as you fight your way through the dungeon, as well as more vicious and cruel spells from them. Defeat the ghosts by upgrading your character and equipping it with the necessary equipment. As you play, you can earn rewards for previous victories, complete quests, and open chests containing multiple game cards. Swords and eternal spells are obtained by exchanging the collected cards. That allows you to choose your own weapon strategy.

In the latest version, Eternal Return provides players with four different Kami; they can be completely replaced and alternated to complete the noble mission as quickly as possible.

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