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2.1.59 dla Android
paź 18, 2023
94.5 MB
Wymagany Android:
Android 5.0+
Ściągnij is an online game that combines magic and blocks. That's right, and there is only magic here. There are no guns or heavy combat weapons present. All around the world, magic reigns supreme. Demonstrate your magical skills by destroying the scattered players in Magical games are a great choice if you like them. To make it easier to adapt, we should start with the basics.

There are many elements found in mythical games that you can find in, from From From The cast of charismatic mage characters, the ultimate weapons, and the magical world. You will hear all the same things and nothing new. There is, however, something special about it, which is a unique blocky world. Based on the national blocky game Minecraft. You will only be able to fight in this blocky world with magic.

About APK offers an impressive playground for you to take on the challenge of becoming a leader in this world. As part of this impressive action game, players will be divided into areas and proceed to mark their sovereignty. In order to create true matches, you must fully exploit your strength. A survival arena is a place where heroes can burn each other and challenge each other freely.

You can choose your own hero

It will be possible for players to select their own hero based on their abilities as well as their desires. Choosing your hero is the first step in equipping him for this impressive battle. In this step, you will take on the role of the hero and receive the main tasks that will help the war. It is important for you to achieve your full potential and win the role of talented leader in this survival arena.

You will be able to choose any skill from a selection of special skills that players will have for themselves. Your strongest point will be that skill throughout all combat. In addition to these special skills, players can improve their own abilities by using other special skills. In order to remain stable in all aspects, you will need to establish a base at any location.

Take on a series of challenges

Battle officially begins, and the game will randomly assign you to each fight. There will be two candidates participating in each round, and each must show their best efforts to win. You will be timed and your skill will be counted in each round. In order to win, players must put all their effort into overcoming the next challenge.

Players will go to the survival arena and start fighting vigorously with the hero on the other side. Difficulties will also appear continuously in this game and players will also encounter a few tricky situations. The player uses up all of his energy and seems to be trying to get up, but doesn’t have enough strength left. Players should immediately use the new energy feature and start this fight as strongly as possible.

Take home well-deserved victories

Players will take turns fighting the remaining heroes, and the player who gets the highest score moves on. Additionally, players who participate in the inner rounds will receive more perks. For the highest score, you can also defeat the base areas of other heroes. Protect the area you are taking over by placing traps around your base.

What you have right now is winning on all fronts and being a leader. You will be able to choose from a variety of new weapons and upgrades in the game. Those special skills can also be added by swapping upgrades. It also wants you to expand your operating area, strengthen your strength to conquer more challenges. Become a hero from a different region and gain special skills.

As a result of your victories, you are able to see your great power manifest in There are also different powers to choose from such as ice power, wind power, etc. As well as being able to step into more places on your own, you'll also be able to fight many other heroes. A variety of special weapons will also be provided by the game for long-range combat.

Make your heroes invincible

You can also try all the heroes in different battles in since the number of heroes is so large. Then you can focus on building the hero to a high level that you can perform the best on. Because this is a magical world, most are magicians. There are different elemental magic powers for each. This is reflected in both the appearance and the attack button on the screen during battle. Heroes' stats differ greatly in terms of their characteristics. To play the battlefield perfectly and intelligently, you need to know the different types of heroes.

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