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Have you ever considered opening your own bakso restaurant? The Bakso Simulator puts everything you've ever dreamed within your grasp! You and your long-term friend will own your own bakso restaurant in this version of events. Complete the missions the citizens of the town have given you and learn everything there is to know about them.

Bakso Simulator is similar to other restaurant simulation games in that it requires you to start from scratch. Using the money you earn, you should improve it. In contrast to games of a similar nature, you have more opportunities to earn money. You can earn money by performing tasks for your community's citizens. Some points of the game even involve combat.

About Bakso Simulator APK

Bakso is a traditional Indonesian street food. There are cheese, mushrooms, and pepper on top of the meatball meal. The noodles are served in a bowl and dipped in broth and sauces according to the diner's preference. This smartphone game lets you own a Southeast Asian restaurant.

As previously mentioned, you start the restaurant from scratch, and as you make money, you improve it. In other restaurant simulators, you can make money by selling bakso to your clients. If you help the residents of your city complete their goals, you may earn additional money. Occasionally, you will have to fight in the various activities.

Besides helping your neighbors, you'll also combat robbers and spirits who lurk around your eatery. After a long day, you will need to rest. Although Bakso Simulator has a simple idea, it offers a lot of activities. First-person exploration is even possible on the open-world map. I wish the visuals were more appealing.

Managing a meatball business

There is no one else who can make meatballs like you do. So get ready to start a business by taking a cart out on the street. You have to maintain this sale continuously, which is the hardest part. In order to earn money, serve the guests the meals they look forward to most. You should never underestimate the number of people who will try to sabotage your business. Take note of the various details and prepare for any eventuality. Don't let others blatantly steal your efforts. It will be up to you to make your business successful.

Expansion of business

You have a lot of growth potential, even though it's just a small vending cart. It is possible to make a significant amount of money after a period of selling. We can then purchase more tables so customers can sit and relax. Adding new dishes to your menu is also possible. As more and more customers come, you will have more opportunities. The spoilers who are planning to carry out the plot will also benefit from this opportunity. Maintain customer service speed while protecting the truck. This will feel like the right thing to do to keep things on track.

The prevention of crooks

There will certainly be those who will try to sabotage you, and we cannot avoid them. Most commonly, robbers are rampant everywhere when they are incredibly rampant. If you find them trying to sneak out, you can chase them away. Make sure you get your cart and ship out quickly so they can't get too close to you. Being careless with what you need can make it very difficult to get your cart back. A police chase can also be requested by reporting to the police. There will be a lot of problems to solve, and you should take advantage of them as best as you can. You can achieve remarkable, incredible feats if you become someone who cannot be defeated.

Invest in new products

More significant business will be brought to you by new items. You can upgrade the cart with sauce jars, food holders, and other valuable items you can afford. You can also choose from more modern carts. You can use all of these to make your Bakso Simulator Apk more exciting for your customers so they will want to buy what you are selling.


  • Make your own bakery restaurant.
  • There are a lot of characters to interact with in the city
  • Discover the city's fascinating story
  • Worked all day? Make sure you design your house according to your taste before you go to sleep
  • Make sure your employees are paid
  • Keep your bakso safe from ghosts, flies, and thieves
  • Take a tour of the city!
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