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jan 27, 2024
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It is a popular camera application for Android devices that offers enhanced photography features. The advanced algorithms and intuitive user interface of Gcam 8.6 APK enable users to capture stunning photos and videos on their smartphones.

Gcam 8.6 APK is known for its powerful night sight mode. Using computational photography techniques, this feature captures detailed, well-exposed photos even in low light. This tool allows users to capture low-light nightscapes, portraits, and other scenes with ease.

Astrophotography is another notable feature of Gcam 8.6 APK. With this mode, you can capture stunning photos of the night sky, including stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects. Gcam 8.6 APK provides users with stunning astrophotography images with long exposure times and advanced noise reduction algorithms.

Additionally, Gcam 8.6 APK offers a variety of other features that enhance the overall photography experience. The modes include HDR+, portrait, and lens blur. HDR+ mode captures a wider dynamic range, resulting in vivid and well-balanced photos. The portrait mode creates a beautiful bokeh effect, blurring the background and highlighting the subject. Users can adjust depth of field after taking a photo by using lens blur, adding a professional touch.

Furthermore, users can easily navigate and access various features thanks to Gcam 8.6 APK's intuitive and user-friendly interface. Users can also fine-tune settings such as exposure, white balance, and ISO using manual controls.

What is GCam APK?

GCam APK is a modified version of the Google Camera app for Android. Android users who want to take high-quality photos with their devices often use this app, which is not officially supported by Google.

GCam APK offers a number of features you won't find in the original Google Camera app, such as astrophotography mode, HDR+, and portrait mode. To fine-tune their photos, users can also adjust settings such as exposure, ISO, and white balance.

Features of GCam APK

Here are some of the key features of GCam APK, a popular camera app that can be used to take high-quality photos and videos in a variety of conditions:

  • HDR+: This feature lets you combine more than one photo taken at different exposures in order to create a single image with a higher dynamic range and more detail.
  • Night Sight: This feature uses long exposure and computational photography to take sharp, clear photos in low light conditions.
  • A portrait mode: creates the illusion of a portrait by blurring the background of a photograph.
  • Astrophotography mode: This feature captures the night sky, including stars, planets, and other celestial objects, using long exposures and Night Sight.
  • Bokeh effect: This feature blurs the background of photos, creating a blurry effect.
  • Photosphere: This feature takes a panoramic photo from every angle.
  • A slow-motion: effect can be created by recording videos at a slower frame rate.
  • Video timelapse: The feature records videos at a faster frame rate, creating a timelapse effect.
  • AR stickers: These stickers add augmented reality effects to images and videos.
  • Google Lens: This feature uses AI to identify objects in photos and videos.
  • Controls on the manual side: This feature allows users to adjust the exposure and white balance of their pictures by themselves.
  • Support for RAW format: This feature allows users to import photos into Photoshop in RAW format so that they can edit them more easily.
  • Multiple lenses support: This feature enables users to use the camera's different lenses, whether it be an ultrawide lens or a telephoto lens, depending on their needs.
  • Device support: GCam APK is compatible with a variety of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

GCam APK is a powerful camera app that can be used to capture high-quality pictures and videos under a variety of conditions. The app is popular among Android users who wish to improve their devices' camera quality.


Gcam 8.6 APK is a camera application for Android devices that offers advanced photography capabilities. The Gcam 8.6 APK offers a range of features and tools that help you capture stunning images and videos, regardless of whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional. Gcam 8.6 APK lets you take better smartphone photos.

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