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15.0.0 для Android
янв 27, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Featuring an interactive environment and interesting quests, this is a first-person adventure thriller. Discover the secrets of your neighbor who lives across the street by solving puzzles.

There are many useful and unique items to be found in an unusual city where your adventure begins. The game includes encounters with a police officer, a seller of alien devices, and unusual creatures. A huge fascinating story is told by every item and character.

It's important that you get into the neighbor's house. The room is filled with traps, obstacles, locks, and closed doors. By being careful, you will outsmart all opponents and reach the mysterious basement.

You can also buy some items and abilities for real money in this game. You can complete and add new experiences more easily.

About Dark Riddle APK

Dark Riddle offers players moments of suspense as the screen searches for objects while avoiding the house's owner's pursuit. There are many locked rooms that require the player to search for keys in different rooms. You can use weapons against the targets that make things difficult when you arrive at a new location.

Intrude on your neighbor's property

As part of Dark Riddle, you will have to investigate what is going on at the neighbor's house. This house has many layers of locks to prevent others from entering, which is a strange point to realize. The owner of the house will be able to identify you and try to catch you if you take the time to look around the house.

Players will control the character from a first-person perspective and experience the thrills this game has to offer. Every time the owner of the house you are joining forces with appears and tries to catch you, you will need to run stealthily. Additionally, you can interact with the surrounding elements and put them in your backpack for use later on. As well as a map, you have a guide to help you move around.

Discover the house's secrets with the map

Dark Riddle teaches you some useful mechanics to facilitate your infiltration, such as jumping into the yard or throwing broken glass. You should also pay attention to the map element because depending on when you experience it, it will become clearer or lose signal. As a result, you'll need to memorize part of the map before it disappears, and it may also reappear later on.

You will move inside the house when the owner is out and look for suspicious spots. A notable feature of the first level is discovering a research area below the house, which is secured. The process of reaching this smartphone is extremely challenging, involving many different stages, and it requires you to find a smartphone with the corresponding code.

Players can interact with the environment, pick up any element they want, and store it in a backpack. However, instead of ignoring them due to their ordinary appearance, you will take the time to discover their uses. There is a key hidden in the head of the toy rocket that leads you to a new room. Additionally, you can find keys made of different materials that can be used to unlock the corresponding locks.

Armed combat against dangerous enemies

You will always have to face elements of danger in Dark Riddle, and the first danger that you need to pay attention to is the owner of the house. You may be recognized by him and he may try to catch you, so find a place where you can hide. Additionally, when the player gets down to the underground research area, he or she will have to deal with surveillance AIs; they can quickly identify and attack you if you are not careful.

You can also use weapons in this game to dodge enemies and solve puzzles. This can be achieved in several ways, such as interacting with Mr.Cao or finding them in different rooms. You can also pay attention to the interesting effects they have, such as freezing enemies for fifteen seconds or destroying the console.

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