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янв 27, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Xeno Command takes players to a space cosmos where they are tasked with commanding armies they have constructed using the available resources. Your guys are the only ones who can stop a lot of enemies from getting closer.

We've found ourselves in Xeno Command, a real-time strategy game that doesn't require an internet connection to play. In spectacular battles, command a massive army of warriors against extraterrestrial invaders. It will blow your mind to play this game. The fate of planets is becoming increasingly precarious as we move into the era of interplanetary colonization. As a result, people from all walks of life band together to form a vast army and lead it into battle against the invaders to ensure humanity's survival. In the conflict against the alien invaders, you will command your army as the one who can save the universe.

Touching any region of the display will cause a member of the team to move in that direction. You will then be able to move closer to various structures to train your space soldiers and prepare them for any approaching enemies. As soon as the predetermined distance is breached, the attacks will automatically begin.

You can access all unfinished tasks directly from the main menu. You will face increasingly complex obstacles as you advance through the stages, and you will need to utilize all of your skills to overcome them. Your job will be completed faster if you can access the tougher warriors.

There is everything both armies need, including Heroes, Orders, Skills, Structures, and Units. Consequently, it will be difficult for players to plan for battles, and it is highly unlikely that two players will design the same battle. Due to the over a hundred varieties of alien adversaries, the fights are becoming more challenging and dangerous. There are many planets with very different topographies and aesthetics, such as Barren, Lava, Machine, and Warped Space.

The universe is facing a crisis of planets

Xeno Command takes its inspiration from the crisis of planets in the universe. There is a time when aliens are becoming extremely powerful. The aliens are constantly destroying planets in the galaxy and slowing the development of humanity. In order to fight the aliens and restore peace to the universe, heroes from all over the galaxy joined forces.

You need to lead all heroes in battles and maximize their power to win each battle as the savior of the galaxy. Defending against alien invasions isn't easy. Don't worry, you'll get used to simple battles until the contents become more complex.

Ensure victory for the army

Aside from being a strategy game, Xeno Command also integrates Roguelike and RTS mechanics. Now, you can command your army directly by touching the screen. There is no need to split pieces in this game, all commands have been optimized for mobile devices. You can command your army to fight anywhere on the screen.

Additionally, when approaching the enemy, the army will automatically attack, so players need to come up with an effective strategy. In this game, you can choose between easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels. You can enjoy Xeno Command at your own pace by choosing the right level of play. Additionally, after each battle, you can select one of three random technology rewards.

Choose from a variety of battle units

As a strategy game, Xeno Command always strives to offer players the best tactics. In this game, the hero system is quite diverse, as each type of hero has a different set of commands, skills, and structures. The more battles you win against your enemies, the stronger your army will be. The more resources you collect, the stronger your defenses and army systems will be.

Game combat units include Bots, Marines, Flying Troops, Laser Towers, Supplies, and more. During the course of the game, you will unlock dozens of different defensive structures. Furthermore, new content will continue to be added in the next versions, so you'll have more options to choose from.

A galaxy of wonders awaits you

This game offers a completely different experience from traditional games due to its vast galaxy. Planets with completely different styles and landscapes can be found here. A few familiar names include Barren, Lava, Machine, and Distorted Space. Always remember that the enemy is waiting to destroy your army system at any time. Currently, this game offers more than 100 types of alien creatures and many powerful bosses.

A simple but attractive graphic design

The graphical development of Xeno Command is relatively simple, but it will definitely make you feel impressed from the very first frame. Details are designed in a colorful and futuristic style. As the game progresses, the environment in the game will also continuously change with the appearance of many different contexts. You will always feel excited when participating in battles because of that. Additionally, the sound system performs very well with the background music and noises emitted during battle.

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