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Grow Castle - Tower Defense has a very different type of content from many other types of attack games. Here, you must be prepared to defend against every type of enemy attack; defend the territory from illegal invasions. You will learn how to build a front line to defend your castle while improving your army and training the elite military.

About Grow Castle APK

Tower defense games are extremely popular today. They receive a great deal of attention from the gaming community, and you may be one of them. Be a part of this category by joining Grow Castle. The game has simple gameplay, developed to bring entertainment and exploit the tactical abilities of players.


The story of Grow Castle begins with hordes of monsters invading. You are the next target on the list. It is inevitable that destruction will take place soon, but fortunately you have been warned. Most of the kingdom's bases, however, were taken due to its weak forces. Currently, only the castle remains as a base. Your enemies will face you one last time and forever.


The only task you have to accomplish in this game is to keep your tower standing after each wave of enemy attacks. Everything looked pretty simple on the first wave. A few instructions are provided on how to add units to the game and how it works. Throughout the game, enemies constantly appeared from the right side of the screen and destroyed everything in their path. They will be destroyed until the Wave is over.

The next wave will be filled with more enemies if you are victorious. In other words, the difficulty is gradually increasing. Monsters' speed and power increase as the defense period extends. It is therefore necessary to become stronger in order to adapt. It is possible to upgrade the main tower, recruit new units, and build sub towers.

Towers can be classified into two types, primary and secondary. Defending the tower against enemies is your goal. If it is destroyed at a certain time, the game will immediately end, and you will have to start over from the previous Wave. Many special skills and units can be held in the main tower, which has some special advantages. HP and MP can also be upgraded. In addition, each auxiliary tower has a different skill and only one place to place units.

They are constantly getting stronger on the enemy side. A certain time will come when bosses appear. Their destructive power is terrible, and they have a great deal of HP. Before the tower can no longer withstand your army's attacks, make sure they are fast enough.

The boss isn't the worst thing, however. You are facing monsters that grow rapidly. In addition to building towers, they have their own witches. Frequently, she used her magic to increase attack speed, defense, or even summon large dragons. There will be difficulties in the future, and this is a warning.

Level up and get new heroes by battling

Make your tower safe by arranging each floor a solid defense and changing tactics. Among the 120 heroes available, the publisher has provided players with skills that are entirely different from one another. Heroes will be assigned missions, have different stories, and gain passive and active fighting skills.

Your experience points increase as you kill more leaders, gain more enemies, and gain more enemies. Leveling up quickly and conquering difficult levels will be easier with this experience. The difficulty also increases gradually with each level. You will be able to see the health of your side and that of your enemy on the screen. Grab as many diamonds and gold as you can. To quickly break the rankings, join your friends in the game.

Arm yourself with strong weapons and armor

Weapons that are as advanced and modern as possible are used by them. Build new towers and recruit more heroes; pay attention to the game's resources, which are gold coins and purple diamonds, as these are used to upgrade your weapons and equipment. It is up to the players to upgrade their skills as they see fit.

You will have a period after each match to rest, recuperate, upgrade, and prepare new weapons. Invest in colonies and hire workers to increase gold and diamonds so that you can train warriors to become stronger.

Get in touch with friends around the world

You can build your own castle. Build an online guild with friends to play across five continents. At the beginning of the game, you only have rudimentary weapons and meager manpower, before slowly upgrading and improving the heroes to become elite army soldiers.

Many players have formed clans with powerful heroes in Grow Castle - Tower Defense, turning it into a powerful, famous faction. It is a game that will suit everyone's needs, which can be played on Android 4.4 and higher operating systems, and is not too heavy to download, with eye-catching visual effects and enemies created with a funny image.

Gameplay is fundamental and addictive in Grow Castle - Tower Defense. You won't see any ads while you play, which is great. It is effortless to learn how to play the game, so you don't have to spend too much time on it. You can fight like a real castle defender by inviting your friends to download and install the game.

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