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Channel 4 Television Corporation
2022.3 Android için
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Eyl 20, 2023
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Android 5.0+

Eden: World Simulator is a game based on the Eden show in which you must survive far from civilization. It is your responsibility to instruct a group of people under your control. Make a fire that will serve as a gathering place for all members of the group. After that, you can extract important resources like water, wood, and so on.

Build warehouses, workshops, kitchens and other buildings that can be upgraded in the camp to improve life. There are many things you can do, including fishing, hunting, gathering, cooking, and many others. It is amazing to watch how the camp gets better every day and how its inhabitants enjoy life in the wild. Be prepared to face many challenges as you replenish the group with new members.

About Eden: World Simulator APK

Eden: World Simulator is a strategy game that simulates building a community in an unfamiliar location. You will find living conditions suitable for living, but lacking in essentials. Therefore, there are many things that you can do to improve people's lives. There is no doubt that the game will attract you entirely because of the jobs it offers.

Rebuilding a community is the mission

Eden: World Simulator takes players to an area with no modern houses but only a storehouse. You will also work with people near the area to rebuild the different elements that sustain their lives. You can freely exploit all of the elements in this place, from trees to drinking water. Through the building and execution of tasks, you will be able to decide how your development progress is going.

When you start the game, you will receive instructions about the control element, from spinning to moving in other directions. Because it is not too complicated, this operation is appropriate for many objects. In addition, you must build a campfire as the first task for your community. Moreover, it is a place where you can see what needs to be done later and earn rewards if you accomplish it.

You can build any element you want

Eden: World Simulator requires you to find the necessary elements after constructing the campfire. You can fully exploit the resources you are in the area above, but because of the fog, your movement area is also limited. You will be the one to decide how many people will collect the resources and determine the best implementation schedule. You can build anything you want when you have enough resources.

In strategy games, gathering enough resources is always appreciated because of their usefulness. The use of resources is also classified into many different categories. Your community is free to build new buildings that you believe are necessary, and these buildings are efficient and easily recognizable. It is also possible to upgrade some facilities to improve their effectiveness, like upgrading the storehouse to increase its capacity.

Ensure that the task is completed correctly

A number of quests can be found when clicking on the campfire in Eden: World Simulator. The first thing you should do is build the fire, and then you'll have to provide some resources, like wood, to keep it burning. Additionally, Campfire includes some elements such as quests that are easy to see. You can start doing something in the game by pressing campfire if you are not sure what to do.

There will be specific descriptions for each request you need to complete in this building. You will be able to keep up with what's going on in the game by completing quests. Additionally, you will receive a certain number of rewards each time you complete a task. Therefore, you will be completing jobs continuously, and the number of jobs you will receive will increase over time.


In the past, Eden: World Simulator was a cult game with over 5 million downloads. Check out our review if you're interested.

Ensure the population's well-being

Upon downloading, installing, launching the game and entering the single-player company mode, you will find yourself in the middle of a forest, subordinate to 15 people. We have built our first settlement, starting with a large fire around which we will gather our people. There will be a question of water and food soon. We need to send some people to the stream and some to hunt.

We will place all the finds in a kind of warehouse parallel to this. You are responsible for rebuilding your settlement and caring for its inhabitants (city-building simulator), as well as mining, food, and water (strategies).

Resources are available

The warehouse in Eden: World Simulator needs to be developed, expanded, and strengthened. Construction of a kitchen, a workshop, and other essential buildings is not far off. Erection of a fence for defense and clearing of the area should be carried out concurrently with the development of the settlement. You will cut trees, make building materials from them, make furniture, tools, and engage in interior design. Playing the game allows you to enjoy the development process almost indefinitely!

Identify your development path

Fountains, statues, recreation areas, and ponds can be placed on the territory at your discretion to ennoble it. It is essential to distribute earned capital and useful resources in the game since supplies are limited. A lack of supplies and resources will lead to the death of the camp's residents.

The community should be developed, progressed, and prospered. New people need to be attracted to your business. Players have a huge influence on how fast the community develops and whether people can survive in such difficult climatic and weather conditions.

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