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'Tsuki's Odyssey' is a passive adventure game that immerses you in the world of Tsuki and his friends in Mushroom Village.

You can decorate your home, make friends, catch fish, and so much more!

It is important to understand that Tsuki is not your pet, but a free spirit who will move and interact with the world as they please. Don't forget to check back often to see what's new and exciting around town!

It may contain some content that is inappropriate for children under 13 years of age. This game is not intended for children.

About Tsukis Odyssey APK

A beautiful world and the daily lives of friendly animals will be explored in Tsuki's Odyssey for players to enjoy and explore. It promises to create a wonderful and soothing ambience for everyone to relax through its relaxing and refreshing elements. Additionally, the game has an intricate social system that simulates a normal life for players to build an unforgettable experience.

Live your life to the fullest

With its slow pace and serene atmosphere, Tsuki's Odyssey creates the right conditions for players to enjoy the rural life or jobs. There will be many significant events introduced throughout the game to motivate people to develop themselves and create many new things for a joyful life. A fresh start can also be built here, such as building, farming, trading, and opening a simple shop.

You should expand your lovely home

It is possible to meticulously customize a lovely house with a variety of impressive and vivid content to make it look like a natural home. To diversify their habitat, they can add new areas, build more rooms, construct a floor, and expand the scale. Certainly, they can add more furniture and household items to create a distinctive style.

Everything must be gathered and crafted

As players progress through Tsuki's Odyssey, they will have two options to improve their lives: either buy or craft. The gathering feature has been simplified, but they need tools that can work with a variety of resources, such as wood or stone. As players collect new materials, the crafting system will expand instead of leveling up.

Make new friends and socialize

The social system in the nearby town and the player's lovely friends make the player's life colorful and lively. There is always something to do in the community, and everyone has their own unique personality that makes it rich and diverse, which creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In the future, players can also marry their favorite characters and live together happily.

Take a tour of the magnificent world

The world development in Tsuki's Odyssey is large and varied, and every place has its own characteristics, including services to diversify gameplay. In terms of finding good items, players can venture into the wild areas if they are used to a peaceful life. In those areas, the rarest resources can be accessed for upgrading their lives with essential items.

Mini-games and content you'll enjoy

Relaxing mini-games are always available around town or at the player's home. To diversify entertainment, they offer activities such as fishing, bowling, arcade games, etc. Additionally, players can also earn additional rewards by participating in mini-games, as well as hang out with their partners in their free time.

Tsuki's Odyssey will always provide players with unique and valuable experiences. In almost every activity or content, every detail is perfectly simulated and combined with the animal concept to provide players with a new environment and opportunities to immerse themselves in the quintessence of life.


The story of Tsuki's Odyssey unfolds very gently. There is a feeling of leisure and comfort here. It's still a game, though. You will still face many challenges. Your first home will be a treehouse. Currently, the house is empty. It will be necessary for you to earn money slowly so that you can buy enough furniture. You can then arrange them in the most artistic way to create the nest of your dreams.

Growing crops, fishing, and doing something in the Mushroom Village will earn you money. Once the items have been obtained, they can be exchanged for money. You buy things with new money.

Tsuki also needs to constantly monitor and interact with the outside world as part of this process. Throughout the peaceful adventure story of Mushroom Village, there are a number of interesting people to meet. Chatting, interacting, and trading with the people here will help you discover other sources of items, earn more money, and make new friends.

Whenever you decide to grow something to make money, you will be granted land. Seedlings must be chosen, seeds must be sown, fertilizer must be applied and water must be provided every day. Work hard to harvest and earn money quickly so that you can build a house. Guys, carrots are the currency here. It is not always enough to work hard. By fishing, you can earn another income. Relaxation is one of the benefits of this activity.

A fishing rod is carried around the village to catch many different kinds of fish, then you exchange them for money and buy more home decorations. Moca's turtle house fishing ground, Uncle Dawn's fishing ground, and Rosemary's fishing ground are all places where you can go fishing in Mushroom village. To make the most of your earning potential, just hang around Moca's house's fishing grounds at first, and other opportunities will slowly open up for you.

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