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Ace Games Inc.
Phiên bản:
0.26.5 cho Android
Cập nhật vào:
Thg1 27, 2024
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146 MB
Yêu cầu Android:
Android 5.0+
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Welcome to Fiona’s Farm! A thrilling farm adventure filled with mystery and drama. To earn coins and energy, solve colorful blast puzzles. Then, use them to renovate Fiona's damaged buildings and provide heart to her farm. You are about to embark on an amazing journey!

Fiona's Farm is not only a match-3 game, but also a world where you can build an extravagant farm. By matching bright elements in a row and exploding them, you can complete many exciting levels! Next, organize the farm, which has many beds, plots, etc. Make everything around her bloom and sparkle with new colors, and give her back her former luxury. There will be a funny story in parallel where you can participate in the life of a hero. Play a puzzle game to pass the time.

About Fiona’s Farm APK

All you need is Fiona's Farm to create your dream farm. Creating a new future will help you make the minor changes. Make sure you do something that only farmers can manage. Our harvest will be richer if we conduct necessary farming activities. This will bring economic benefits as well as the development of the farm that is needed. As well as being a good business plan, it is also a modern practice. Develop the maturity and experience of anyone.

Farm-themed games with bright colors are familiar to everyone. Fiona's Farm, however, is not a simple construction game. Match-three puzzles and building construction combine perfectly in this game. Make your gameplay challenging. A classic genre is given a whole new appeal. Help it to show more potential as well as bring modern qualities. The story is also attractive because it is filled with humanity.

Fiona dreams of owning a farm when she moves to the suburbs from the city. While renovating the wildland, she will face many challenges. You will be the one to give this girl more energy to complete these big tasks. Match-three levels collect energy. It requires matching items in rows to manage them. You have a limited number of moves to make it. The more levels we win, the more energy we have. By doing so, you will be able to reach your goal more quickly.

Level of uniqueness

Fiona's Farm creates construction levels for players to use. It's okay not to worry too much, because you'll be working with easy things at first. In the later stages, obstacles and arrangements increase the difficulty even further. As players adapt to their new moves, they have to be more careful to maximize the number of items they collect to win high ratings. To unlock achievements and receive more rewards, try to raise your score. Your farm is upgraded every day, so the number of levels passed corresponds to how complete it is.

Farm of huge size.

As well as construction, we can also manufacture materials. Any building on the farm will be eligible for renewal with this certificate. By raising cows, we will be able to produce high-quality standard milk bottles. You can use eggs from chickens for many purposes if you raise them. You can reap full sacks of flour by following and planting wheat. Getting a steady supply of products every day will help you achieve your goals. Don't overdo it when it comes to renovating your home or place. Make it like a paradise with a beauty that will never fade.

Decorations made to order

It's important to remember that beauty isn't limited to your farm's buildings. Also, prominent decorations are added around. In addition to statues, fountains, lamps, flower clusters, and even the tiniest things like stones, players can decorate them anywhere they want or where there is space. Fiona's Farm Apk will revitalize the surrounding area and bring magic to everyone who visits.


There will be a lot of time spent playing the classic puzzle "three in a row". There are already many exciting levels with colorful elements waiting for you!

Solve the puzzles

In order to make different icons disappear, you need to line them up so that they disappear. New elements will replace only identical elements. Every level has its own task, whose completion brings a certain number of moves or time. By meeting the shortest deadlines, you can get more coins by transforming the remaining elements into bonuses and exploding.

A bonus is also awarded if you connect 5 or more identical elements. As well as gold coins, you can also earn stars, which can already be used to arrange the farm. Replace items that have already been improved with others using gold coins.

Improve the farm and help grandma

Fiona's Farm requires users to revive grandma's farm. That's a huge amount of space. In addition to various fields and animal pens, there are many other locations to explore! You have a lot of work to do, so do not spend all your coins at once. Your imagination will be expanded as you progress through the levels.

Organize each location's needs. Some jobs require the hiring of workers and an hour or more of time. The process for gold coins can be sped up or slowed down.

Follow the history of the world

The best part is that gameplay is not limited to this! In Fiona's Farm, you must complete some quests. There are small tasks that need to be completed in order to unravel the mystery of this territory. There isn't always sunshine in the world.

It is important to remember that the impudent cousin is still around. His wheels are constantly clogged with sticks. It is only necessary for him to uncover the reason behind this behavior. Is there a way to do it? Get in touch with neighbors and other characters. They might be able to answer all the riddles.

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