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Idle Burger Empire Tycoon APK - Free Download cho Android 2024

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Phiên bản:
0.9.3 cho Android
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Thg1 27, 2024
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130 MB
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Android 5.0+
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You have to build your own small restaurant where you will sell the tastiest and most delicious burgers in idle Burger Empire Tycoon. By adding new items to the menu, as well as updating the interior, you will please your customers. It will be necessary for you to earn money from sales. As a result, you can hire staff and buy new ingredients to make the best burger in the universe. Develop your production and open new points of sale. Be the fastest in cooking and win the hearts of everyone.

About Idle Burger Empire Tycoon APK

Take part in the growth of a thriving company while enjoying yourself. Your chances of rapid success increase when you enjoy what you're doing. What are the chances that you will succeed financially if you have excellent culinary skills? Only idle Burger Empire Tycoon has the skills needed to assess it.

You have a good chance of becoming the world's largest chain of burger restaurants if you sell homemade burgers from a food stand. In the beginning, there won't be much to work with, so things will be challenging. First and foremost, gamers should learn how to make the most of their money while remaining frugal. You won't have to wait long before declaring this location your permanent residence.

Design the ultimate burger menu by modifying the cooking space, the appliances, or the dining area. An investment that is successful can result in a surplus of resources that can be used in a more positive manner. You will maintain well-kept, cutting-edge, and efficient retail establishments. Visitors are attracted to lavish extras even if they are not significant.

You should lead a productive team, oversee all operational details, and adapt your strategy according to the needs of your clients. Kitchen, bar, housekeeping, and maintenance workers should be subject to hiring and firing. Take responsibility for the delivery area and ensure that all orders are processed smoothly. The management challenges of a company increase in proportion to its size. Don't worry; there are many people who are willing to lend a hand. In a short period of time, they will accomplish a great deal and relieve a great deal of stress. If you can amass wealth with minimal effort, you are called a "tycoon." Set the standard for managing a food business by joining the franchise system.


The culinary-themed time killer Idle Burger Empire Tycoon is perfect for you.

Your first burger is ready

You must develop a diner next to a busy highway during the game. In order to satisfy their customers' culinary needs. Burgers need to be prepared from a variety of ingredients and components, toppings, and flavors. At the beginning of the day, you can prepare fillings and roasts while waiting for new customers.

Come up with a burger idea

With your new recipes and dishes, you can attract new customers and entice past customers to return to your restaurant. Show your customers that no trouble will break you and that you will remain the king of the restaurant corporation. If you're playing Idle Burger Empire Tycoon, make sure the interior of your establishment is upgraded.

Make a fresh renovation over time by updating the kitchen, buying new furniture, and buying new appliances. Increase the number of cooks' rooms and dining rooms so that you can attract as many visitors as possible, thereby increasing profits. You just have to explore all the options in the application to find out what's available for downloading.

Recruit new employees

A player's burger shop needs qualified staff in order to function at its best. You should hire cooks, bartenders, cleaners, and janitors. When ordering food, be sure to ask a question. To accomplish this, you will need to hire couriers or contract with a delivery aggregator. As a result, your activities will include not only the direct promotion of the burger, but also many factors that may not be directly related to the diner, but nonetheless have an effect.

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