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108-936 Kr36 LLC
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An Android browser with Tor integrated


你在搜索 Browsing 个应用程序/游戏,如Krypton Anonymous Browser apk 吗?那么,现在,您可以通过Android设备获得梦幻般的 Browsing 个应用/游戏。 Krypton Anonymous Browser 是 Kr36 LLC 开发的应用软件。 Krypton Anonymous Browser 是最好的移动应用程序/游戏之一,除了游戏之外还提供广泛的附加和可能性功能。

最新版本的 Krypton Anonymous Browser APK是 108-936 免费下载和安装适用于所有Android设备,支持 及以上版本。

在Android手机中,要安装并运行无故障的APK版本,用户必须拥有 的免费存储空间。用户可以通过单击本文中提到的“下载”按钮方便地访问APK。

由于很多原因,这是其他 Browsing 的很好的替代品,但特别是因为它易于使用。


Google Play应用附加信息:

Free Browsing
Package Name
4月 18, 2016
Krypton Anonymous Browser is a secure web browser that is already equipped with integrated tow. This ensures full anonymous and secure browsing experience. Your history or your cookies are not stored in your device's memory. You can also take screenshots while using this browser.

Although Krypton offers many different set-up options to anonymous browser users, the fact is that it is very easy to use. Next, to the URL bar, you will find the button to enable and disable Tor. In this way, you can hide your IP and avoid any kind of censorship or espionage. Every tab in the Krypton anonymous browser is considered to be an independent process, which is different from your tab in the application.

Setting options for Krypton anonymous browser give you the option to change the default search engine (DuckDuckGo) and AdBlocker to enable or disable it. You can permanently enable Tor (highly recommended) or JavaScript and enable it everywhere

Krypton Anonymous Browser is one of the best browsing options on Android that's pretty safe. Best of all, the interface is simple and elegant.