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1.1.2 Kizi Games

Bob the Robber on his most dangerous mission yet


你在搜索 Action/Adventure 個應用程序/遊戲,如 Bob The Robber 3 apk嗎?那麼,現在,您可以通過Android設備獲得夢幻般的 Action/Adventure 個應用/遊戲。 Bob The Robber 3 是 Kizi Games 開發的應用軟件。 Bob The Robber 3 是最好的移動應用程序/遊戲之一,除了遊戲之外還提供廣泛的附加和可能性功能。

最新版本的 Bob The Robber 3 APK是 1.1.2 免費下載和安裝適用於所有Android設備,支持 及以上版本。

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由於很多原因,這是其他 Action/Adventure 的很好的替代品,但特別是因為它易於使用。


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十二月 31, 2018
Bob The Robber 3 is a 2D stealth game in which you play as Bob, a white thief has to invade government buildings to steal the data categorized. In each of these missions, you have to look without anyone running without as much information as possible.

Moving your character through settings is as easy as you want to go to the screen. Whenever it is possible to interact with the item in settings, a special icon will be displayed to indicate this. You can hide in the shadow, open the doors, safety guards can fail, see the combination, open the lock, hack the computer, and more.

In Bob Robber 3 you can find more than a dozen different levels. In some levels you will have to cope with armed soldiers, in others, you will need to contact the scientists. At each level represents a new element so you do not feel bored.

Bob The Robber 3 is a game that offers fun and original gaming experience filled with stolen and action. The game offers great graphics and a variety of settings.

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