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1.8.4 Neutron Emulation
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The best SNES simulator for Android


你在搜索 Emulation 個應用程序/遊戲,如 SuperRetro16 apk嗎?那麼,現在,您可以通過Android設備獲得夢幻般的 Emulation 個應用/遊戲。 SuperRetro16 是 Neutron Emulation 開發的應用軟件。 SuperRetro16 是最好的移動應用程序/遊戲之一,除了遊戲之外還提供廣泛的附加和可能性功能。

最新版本的 SuperRetro16 APK是 1.8.4 免費下載和安裝適用於所有Android設備,支持 及以上版本。

在Android手機中,要安裝並運行無故障的APK版本,用戶必須擁有 的免費存儲空間。用戶可以通過單擊本文中提到的“下載”按鈕方便地訪問APK。

由於很多原因,這是其他 Emulation 的很好的替代品,但特別是因為它易於使用。


Google Play應用附加信息:

Free Emulation
Package Name
十一月 27, 2018

SuperGNES is a fantastic 16-bit Nintendo console all the classic fun emulator for Super Nintendo Android devices.

Emulator Super Nintendo catalog is compatible with all titles (including Mario RPG, Kirby Super Star, and Starfox, which propose pragmatic simulations). He is one of the fastest of his kind that is fast, rates are also slightly slower than Android devices per second.

During the game, SGNES offers various options, such as: For example, hide Super Nintendo controls for easy gameplay or to find more onscreen. Also, you can play horizontally and vertically.

Other possibilities of the emulator allow you to enable some fraud on video games and also create some screenshots by using turbo to increase some sports speed, too. For example, some are useful for rolling rolls.

SGNES format is compatible with SMC, fig, zip, and 7g and can load any game of this format. Apart from that, it is basically compatible with any Super Nintendo catalog game.

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