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An animated film, Dragon Ball is a comic that many generations associate with childhood. Are you a fan of this famous manga? Have you ever wished you had the same power as Songoku, Piccolo? At the GDC conference, the game was first introduced as a transfer from the film. While Dragon Ball games are quite popular, there are very few attractive games that appeal to many players. Maybe Dragon Ball Legends will change your mind if you think Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best game.

About Dragon Ball Legends APK

With Dragon Ball Legends, players can meet the characters of the hit anime series again, and the exciting matches will keep their attention. The gameplay of this game involves overcoming many different enemies to win. However, the characters' skills bring a fantastic feeling to each match, and the cutscenes announce crucial moments.

Anime characters from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball fans will not be able to ignore DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, a game that combines characters from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, so you'll meet many powerful characters and defeat different enemies. Moreover, these characters can be controlled easily with one hand without any difficulty. It can therefore be adapted to a wide variety of audiences.

A number of game mechanics have been modified in the new version of the game. With the expansion of the objects that can receive rewards in the PVP mode, the reward mechanism has been changed. Moreover, when choosing the characters to join the party to participate in the battle, you can select one as a leader, and most of the leaders will usually be strong and preferred by players.

Stunning battles captivate your attention

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS allows players to participate in fierce battles regardless of whether they have played fighting games before. It is based on the fact that the player controls the character using a swipe, taps to perform attacks, and holds to recharge the ki energy. In addition, you can unleash each character's power via the Art Cards that appear on the right side of the screen.

You can create stunning attacks with this art card, but you must spend a certain amount of ki to do so. Consequently, you must determine when to replenish energy so that your character does not get attacked or for teammates to support you in time. The right side of the screen will also display a dragon ball each time you use a card. The goal is to find all seven cards, and if you have enough energy, you can create consecutive combinations.

When you are attacked by an enemy and suffer a lot of health loss, call out another character to assist you. A single character will go into battle, but you can control multiple characters. As you multiply into another ally's portrait, they will appear to support you, sometimes even taking on enemy attacks. If you choose a different card from the enemy's choice, your powerful attack will be even more damaging.

Become a part of exciting PvP battles

You can join many different missions in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS or choose to face other players. Their powerful squads will surprise you, and missions can sometimes make the match more challenging. By summoning powerful characters, you can also increase the strength of your team. Their response to your call will be a stunning cutscene.

This story follows the original plot

Dragon Ball Legends follows the original storyline. The animated film follows Songoku and his friends as they search for Dragon Ball. At the same time, he punished bad people while constantly practicing to become stronger. Ultimately, he protects the world from destruction as a fighter.

There is a similarity between this game and One Piece: Bounty Rush by Bandai. You will become a character in Dragon Ball, take part in adventures, and fight other players. You will face a lot of danger in front of you. The only way to win is to destroy all your enemies. Master the character's skills, combine them well to become the strongest. Can you imagine using Kamehameha? It is not necessary to imagine anything else. If you want to achieve your dreams, Dragon Ball Legends can help you achieve them.


There has never been a time when Bandai Namco's publisher caused the player to feel frustrated by graphics. There is a beautiful, crisp 3D design in the game. Colors that are bright. A similar shape is used for the characters. It feels like playing an animated Dragon Ball film when you play the game. It is also meticulously cared for when it comes to the sound in Dragon Ball Legends. The film's characters are voiced in a relatively standard way, with many familiar voices.

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