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你在搜索 Audio 个应用程序/游戏,如Music Maker Jam apk 吗?那么,现在,您可以通过Android设备获得梦幻般的 Audio 个应用/游戏。 Music Maker Jam 是 MAGIX Audio GmbH 开发的应用软件。 Music Maker Jam 是最好的移动应用程序/游戏之一,除了游戏之外还提供广泛的附加和可能性功能。

最新版本的 Music Maker Jam APK是 5.7.2 免费下载和安装适用于所有Android设备,支持 及以上版本。

在Android手机中,要安装并运行无故障的APK版本,用户必须拥有 的免费存储空间。用户可以通过单击本文中提到的“下载”按钮方便地访问APK。

由于很多原因,这是其他 Audio 的很好的替代品,但特别是因为它易于使用。


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7月 03, 2019

Music Maker Jam is an app that lets you create music directly from your Android device. You can share any song you create and listen to other users' creatives.

You will have more than 200 music packs working. Music Editor comes with eight-band mixers that let you record your music directly on your Android device. The only thing to make your music a subject is ... and of course some talents.

Music Maker Jam lets you listen to other users' creatives, even if you can not compose good music. You can choose your creations and create your list of parts created by other users.

Music Maker Jam is a great app that lets you create, discover, and share music.

# 1 Music Mix App - Join Now Music Revolution! Trap, Hip Hop, House, RNB, Rock, Pop, and More Cool Tracks - Millions of people use music maker jam to create, share, and find all the genres!

Jams characteristics

We make music easy! Choose from thousands of studio-quality loops, bits, and samples to mix your new track. When you finish composing, you can quickly share it with an audience around the world.

More than ten free mix packs with more than 2000 loops are available from the music producer JM Store

M and more ...

Remix tracks your device tremor

Join Music Revolution Now! Millions of people use jams to create, remix, and track great bits and tracks in various genres like EDM, Fap, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Rock and more.

We make music easy! Pick Thousands

Start mixing your new track:

Submit your remix for us

Develop yourself as a creator, make profits and discover!

Easy to compose by combining samples of different music genres:

: Record live with the perfect mix of 8-channel mixers

From bits and vocals to synthesizer leads and baselines

Adjust motion and synchronization, edit song parts and play with great real-time effects

Shaking your device

Music Maker Jam Community has so far created and uploaded more than 4 million songs. Do you have to be a part of today?

You're the music revolution, we're sparks!

Music Maker Jam is an Android app that gives you the perfect music studio to compose songs. It has a large collection of various types of commercial audio loops. By default, the music producer provides a template for Jam's four genres. However, you can expand this list with new styles in the professional version.

Share it to share it.

Music Maker Jam features

  • Save your sessions and continue with their version at any time.
  • Up to 8 audio tracks.
  • 4 different music styles: hip hop, dance, electric jazz, and rock ballad.
  • More than 1,000 sync loops
  • Tempo and Tone Control
  • Make a music remix by moving your device.
  • Share your music with friends.
  • Choose from over 200 music styling packages including Trap, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Rock, Pop, Funk, Drums, and Bass, Technique, Home, Amphibians, Jazz and Movie Music!
  • Make your own sound: Connect the template easily to different styles of music
  • You are the Creator: live with a specific combination on 8 channel mixers
  • Access thousands of Studio-Quality Loops from Seats Seas and Base Lines from Beats and Voices
  • Be creative with simple controls: Adjust tempo and harmonics, edit song parts and play with stunning real-time effects
  • Remix tracks your device tremble
  • Record your own voice
  • Share your tracks directly with Soundcloud, Facebook, Whatsapp and other social networks.
  • Join our music community and meet friends, artists, influencers, admirers, followers, DJs, creators and more.

Use your smartphone or tablet's touch screen to let your creativity run wild. Magics is one of the leading companies in music production and wants to make you the next star of DJ Cabin and recording studio with music maker Jam. Music Producer Jam Free Download!

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