Clear Vision 4 MOD APK

Clear Vision 4 Mod APK v1.4.8 (Unlimited money/Gold)

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v1.4.8 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 10, 2024
95.5 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Clear Vision 4 Brutal Sniper - another part of the adventures of a hired killer named Tyler, who again has to hunt down and eliminate targets with the help of sniper weapons. The main employer of the protagonist John Taylor constantly gives him a new task, while giving the user tips that help to understand the nuances of the game and turn from a beginner into a professional.

Before the start of the mission, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with a brief dossier of the target. After all, tasks are not always associated with the elimination of bad guys, some civilians do not deserve death, in which case you can always refuse to work. Choose the missions available on the city map, complete them efficiently and get a reward. Invest money in upgrading equipment in the arsenal, which is crucial in meeting new challenges. Improving weapon parameters affects parameters such as power, stability, maximum approximation, rate of fire, recoil and clip.

About Clear Vision 4

Immersing players in a world of precision and strategy, Clear Vision 4 APK emerges as one of the best games in the field of brutal sniper experiences. Created by skilled developer Eldring, the game goes beyond the usual boundaries of mobile gaming, delivering a thrilling sniper journey created specifically for Android devices. The heart of Clear Vision 4 is found in its careful design and the developer’s dedication to providing an unrivalled sniping experience on the mobile platform.

Features of Clear Vision 4 APK

Gameplay and Animation

Clear Vision 4 specializes in mixing entertaining gameplay with a unique twist of fun animations, which makes it stand out in the gaming world. The animations inject a light-hearted tone into the otherwise intense sniper experience, providing an entertaining contrast that keeps players engaged. This blend of seriousness and humour is the hallmark of Clear Vision 4, which attracts gamers who appreciate a story presented with both depth and whimsy. Below are the key aspects of this unique combination:

Entertaining Storyline: Each mission is woven into an engaging narrative, which keeps players moving with curiosity and intrigue.

Comic Elements: Fun animations add an unexpected layer of entertainment, balancing the intensity of the game.

Dynamic Environment: The settings change dynamically, reflecting the varied nature of the missions and enhancing player immersion.

Customization and Challenges

Another special feature of Clear Vision 4 is that you can create your ultimate rifle and tackle 40+ missions of dramatic sniper shooting challenges. This customization option allows players to mould their weapons to suit their play style, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience. The challenges range from classic sniper scenarios to intense close combat situations, providing endless hours of intense free sniper action. The game's key features in this area include:

Extensive weapon customization: Players can modify their rifles, adapting them to different missions and play styles.

Varied missions: With over 40 missions, the game offers a wide spectrum of challenges, from precision shooting to high-adrenaline close combat.

Innovative mechanics: Innovative gameplay mechanics ensure that each mission feels fresh and requires a unique approach.


Concluding our investigation, it is clear that Clear Vision 4 is an excellent and engaging game in the world of mobile gaming. Its combination of humour, customizable gameplay, and difficult missions make it a game worth trying for both passionate players and casual gamers. The complexity and range of options in this game are guaranteed to provide countless hours of enjoyment. For those who are interested in the appeal of tactical sniping with a deep, immersive experience, getting Clear Vision 4 MOD APK is a chance that should not be overlooked.

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