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Azerion Casual
1.6.64 for Android
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Jan 27, 2024
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Android 5.0+

The game series of the same name introduces many new and unique elements compared to its predecessors. This game now comes back with a lot of potential and entertainment, including a world renewal on a larger scale than ever before, and even mentions more new types of creatures. In addition, all players can engage in exciting and refreshing real-time battles.

About Dynamons World APK

If you haven't heard of Pokémon, you're either lying or denying it. When it's a ubiquitous household name covering a wide range of cultures, how can you not know it? Consequently, this popular anime has been adapted countless times throughout the world. You'll love this game if you're a fan of these!

The Google Play Store has over 5 million downloads of Dynamons World, a popular RPG game. With all the RPG elements you love from Pokémon games, this game is awesome. Dynamons are the animals here, and there are many of them with unique abilities and attributes. It's up to you to capture, train, and fight them. There are so many quests, stories, and epic fights in this game! Here is what you need to know.

Development and expansion of a whole new world

Dynamons World's return brings everyone a unique and new world to explore, with plenty of freedom to do so. The habitats or areas are now more diverse and extensive, and there are more resources and items to collect. Aside from that, Dynamons, a new type of creature, have many rich abilities that make the player's trip more enjoyable.

Play a variety of random battles

Traveling the world requires players to participate in many wars for additional costs or collect new Dynamons. There are also special activities on the map that allow people to compete with other Captains in real-time battles. In addition to the new gameplay types, the player will experience a diversified experience depending on the type of battle.

A new generation of turn-based strategy

There are many significant changes to Dynamons World's signature combat system compared to its predecessors. Dynamons are all the player's main battle units, but they can also add special items or tools to enhance their performance. The most effective and powerful strategies can sometimes be created by taking advantage of the squad's abilities.

You can capture and evolve your favorite Dynamons.

Despite having their own evolution systems, Dynamons now have many interesting concepts added to them in the game. In order to unlock new skills and abilities, Dynamons evolve and change their appearance when they reach a certain level. Each attack can also be enhanced by adding certain elements to make it more powerful, and players can even add new elements to make it stronger.

Real-time PvP battles will be intensified

Real-time battles between players make Dynamons World stand out. Although the combat system hasn't changed much, tactical or item use is crucial for everyone to win. Furthermore, PvP wars reward everyone with generous rewards, which can be converted into essential items from the shop.

Take part in grand tournaments

There will be massive quest systems in every major city the player travels through, including tournaments. There are many attractive features for players to join with their main battle formations in all tournament-related content. For outstanding performances, players can also claim numerous rare and high-value rewards by moving up the leaderboards.

Dynamons World introduces countless new activities or elements to its gameplay compared to its predecessors. In addition to accompanying friends in a vast world or challenging each other through fierce battles, players can unlock new possibilities in their own gameplay experiences.


In Dynamons World, similar to Pokemon, you spend most of your time exploring the open world, searching for wild beasts, capturing them, training them, maximizing their power, bringing them into the army of recruits, and sending them into battle.

Throughout the battle, players will engage in turn-based combat. There is a health bar on the head of each summoned beast when the battle begins. The HP bar will drop every time you are hit. Your health will automatically return to its original full level after you kill the enemy. You can take advantage of fresher combat mechanics by combining them well with Skill Cards.

A strong army isn't enough to increase your chance of winning in head-to-head matches. It is still necessary to know, deep down, each of the summoned beasts' characteristics and abilities, as well as their weaknesses. Once you have developed a strategy for combat and defense, you can implement it. It is important to understand the characteristics of damage abilities, countermeasures according to the five elements (like classic Pokemon), and how to arrange the squad so that one can support the other.

As you launch attacks, quickly defeat the summoned beast of your opponent, but do not lose too much HP of your summoned beast.

Dynamons World will bring you the most dramatic, and most exciting experience you will ever have with its short-term strategy.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new skills for your summoned beast, as well as some new rare and precious beasts. A strong collection of powerful beasts has been created since then, ready to face even the most aggressive trainers.

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