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Download Game Booster L-GANG UnMedioDigital APK latest v4.0.1 for Android

App By:
Game Booster
v4.0.1 For Android
Updated On:
Apr 22, 2024
7.7 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Download Game Booster L-GANG UnMedioDigital APK v4.0.1 for Android - Free - Latest Version

Download Game Booster L GANG APK 2024 - An amazing optimization app for video games like Free Fire.

What is Game Booster L-GANG?

Game Booster is a specialized application that is responsible for improving and optimizing the performance of games on your mobile device. It provides a variety of features such as real-time game performance monitoring, a ping monitor, a powerful FPS tool, and the ability to manage performance issues quickly and efficiently.

Plus, with Game Booster, you can start your games from one place, the Game Launcher, with just one tap, making the game launch process simple and fast.

Features of Game Booster L-GANG

These are the main features of Gsme Booster L-GANG, an essential application if you want to get the most out of games like Free Fire.

Great FPS Tool:

With a low FPS (Frames Per Second), you might experience stuttering and freezing during your games. Game Booster L-GANG allows you to monitor FPS values in real time, detect any hardware issues and adjust settings if necessary. You can open an FPS panel with whatever theme and size you want, allowing you to analyze game performance data more effectively.

Real Time Analysis:

Game Booster L-GANG comes with a real-time analysis feature that allows you to monitor the technical data of your device during gameplay. This tool allows you to record any lag in your internet connection and analyze the data after the game. This ability to manage and resolve issues in real time can significantly improve your gaming experience.

Game Launcher:

This app allows you to select your favorite games and launch them directly from the launcher with a single tap. This feature simplifies the process of launching games and allows you to start playing much faster.

Ping Monitor:

With Game Booster L-GANG, you can monitor the instant ping data on the top left corner of the screen. This tool allows you to size this indicator and change its colors to suit your preferences.

Key Features

  • Free to Download.
  • No registration required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • No Third-party Advertisements.
  • Night Mode.
  • Many more....


Performance is critical in today's games, which can crash if not played at high FPS. With Game Booster L-GANG, you can analyze and manage your game's analytics data in real time, avoiding issues like device stuttering, freezing, and overheating.

Game Booster L-GANG is more than just an optimization app, it's a complete suite that puts you in full control of your gaming experience. With its wide set of features and functionalities, this app is positioned as a must-have for any video game lover.

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