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Rockstar Games
v2.0.0 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 22, 2024
16.2 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up

Gta Sa Mod Malaysia APK - Carl Johnson left Los Santos, San Andreas, five years ago to get away from the stress of living there, where gangs, drugs, and corruption were tearing the city apart. Where movie stars and rich people try to stay away from drug dealers and gangbangers.

It is now the early 1990s. Carl has to go back home. His mother was killed, his family fell apart, and all of his childhood friends were headed for bad things.

When he went back to his old neighbourhood, two bad cops set him up for murder. To save his family and get control of the streets, CJ is forced to go on a journey that takes him across the whole state of San Andreas.


Rockstar Games' biggest mobile game release to date, Red Dead Redemption 2, takes place in the state of San Andreas and its three biggest cities, Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. It has better graphics and more than 70 hours of gameplay.

What is Gta Sa Mod Malaysia APK?

To meet the needs of gamers all over the world, more and more games are being made and released. But Grand Theft Auto is always at the top of the list of games that have sold the most copies. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has always been fun to play because it has an open world where you can do whatever you want. In the game, players take on the role of a criminal in a big city and break the law. With sharp graphics and vivid 3D images, GTA shows the other side of society. GTA is a huge hit with gamers who like this type of role-playing game.


The story of GTA: San Andreas is based on a real event that happened in Los Angeles. Carl Johnson watched as members of a rival gang killed his brother in Los Santos, San Andreas, in 1987. Los Santos was a broken city with gang trouble, drugs, and corruption. A place where movie stars and rich people try to stay away from drug dealers and gangsters. CJ was blamed for the murder, so he moved to Liberty City to start over. In 1992, five years later, CJ was an ambitious car thief who worked with Joey Leone, who was a professional mechanical engineer. CJ got a call from his brother out of the blue telling him that his mother had been killed. He went home so he could go to the funeral. When he got home, the police told him they would lie to him if he didn't help them do illegal things. To save his family, he must go on a journey.



The world in GTA is based on real cities, like Los Angeles. The city of Los Santos is made with a lot of care and attention to detail, from the buildings to the natural scenes. So, the world in the game is just like the real world, with tall buildings, meadows, real-looking, busy streets, and a lot more that players can find out for themselves. With the new changes, the first-person gameplay is more immersive and lets users fully appreciate how beautiful Los Angeles is. If the player could only see the city from a third-person view, even if the open world was perfectly finished, this would be a major flaw. With this in mind, Rockstar Games gave the player a first-person view, which makes driving, shooting, and looking around in the game feel more real and exciting.


The quest in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has many different levels because there are three main characters. There are a lot of missions for the three characters Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, but they all fit together well to tell a clear story. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the other game missions are just as varied as the main quests. For example, you can race for fun or rob a bank to improve your fitness or other stats. One of the best things about GTA is the open world. What makes GTA's open world different is how the player acts and what happens in Los Santos. Rockstar always adds events to their games to make them more fun. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, players can do whatever they want. For example, they can drive a car, take part in a race, start a business to get rich or rob a bank to finish a task.



GTA's graphics set the standard for open-world games today, and Rockstar has done a great job of making the city of Los Angeles look and feel like it does in real life. The outside of the game world, like the weather, plants along the road, and water surface on beaches, is carefully designed to make it feel real. Also, a lot of care went into making the characters. When playing online, players will have their way of shaping their characters, so they won't have the same one in the game. Every time a new version of the game comes out, new outfits and vehicle designs are added so that players can choose and make their style. grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-mod-cleo-menucheats-1-1-1 From the voices of the characters to the sounds of gunshots and cars in the background, the sounds in GTA always give the player a real feeling. Because this sound element is so well-tuned, players will always end up in the real world. Grand Theft Auto is a game that every gamer in the world knows and loves. An action-adventure game in which the player takes on the role of one of the characters. With the new changes made to the game today, players are having a great time.


Cheat is a real feature in GTA SA, which may come as a surprise. However, Rockstars has never forbidden the use of MODs or Cheats in any of its games, including GTA 5. For the GTA SA: Cleo version, you can change many things, such as the weather, vehicles, weapons, time, money, and more. Most of the time, you'll own the game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, Cheats, and the Cleo Menu) We have two versions that you can download from the link. The paid version of the game is the retail version, which you can play for free (60FPS unlocked). In the second version, there is a Cleo menu that lets you change the game to suit your tastes.


Features of GTA Sa Mod Malaysia APK

Graphics with a high resolution -

The graphics and animations in GTA San Andreas MOD APK are cool. In the most recent version of the San Andreas mobile Apk, the graphics are better, which makes it a better game.

Save in the Cloud -

The free GTA San Andreas apk OBB 2024 now can save in the cloud. You don't have to worry about how much space you have on your device or how to save your game progress because it can all be done online in the cloud.

Control Options -

GTA San Andreas apk lets you use two analog sticks at once, which makes it easier to control the game. Using the on-screen control options, you can move your character and the camera around.


Compatibility -

This game can also be played with most Bluetooth and USB gamepads and MoGa Wireless game controllers. So this game will give you a good time.

Change the graphics -

If you're having trouble with lag in GTA San Andreas, you can change the graphics settings to make the game run faster and look better.

Languages -

GTA SA MOD apk is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese, among other languages.


What's important

  • Remastered, high-resolution graphics made just for mobile, like better lighting, a wider range of colours, and better character models.
  • Cloud saves so that Rockstar Social Club members can play on all of their mobile devices.
  • Two analogue sticks for full control of the camera and movement.
  • Three different control schemes and controls that can be changed to fit the situation, so buttons only show up when they're needed.
  • Works with the MoGa Wireless Game Controllers and some Bluetooth and USB gamepads.
  • Added tactile effects from Immersion.
  • Change the way you see things by changing the graphic settings.


Key Features

  • Free to Download.
  • No registration required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • No Third-party Advertisements.
  • Night Mode.
  • Many more…

What Makes Gta Sa Mod Malaysia APK Interesting?

Here are some features that make this app more significant, Now read all the features carefully and enjoy them on your Android device.

Free of cost:-

The amazing thing about this game is that it's free of cost. You will not pay a single penny for playing and downloading purposes.

Easy to use:-

Any newcomers definitely will not face any issues regarding this app. Everybody easily operates this app because it has been designed in a sample way.

Safe to use:-

Many users are mostly conscious regarding their data whether safe or not after the installation of any app. This app is safe from all kinds of insecurities.

Final Words

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