Kipas Guys 0.73 APK

Kipas Guys APK v0.73 (Menu MOD) - Free Download

App By:
Kitka Games
v0.73 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 20, 2024
160 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Download Kipas Guys 0.73 APK to access premium features for free, including characters, emotes, and footsteps using the MOD Menu. Enjoy enhanced speed, agility, and unique customization options.

About Kipas Guys

Embarking on an exciting journey with Kipas Guys APK invites players into a vibrant world of competitive action and unbridled fun. This mobile game, the creation of iconic developer Kitka Games, stands as a gem in the Android gaming sphere. Kipas Guys blends the thrill of obstacle-filled races with the joy of multiplayer chaos, offering a playground where agility and quick thinking are the keys to victory. Designed to entice and challenge, this game is more than just fun; it's a test of dexterity and strategy while ensuring that players are kept hooked by its colourful aesthetics and dynamic gameplay.

What is Kipass Guys?

It is a hacked or modified game that comes with the MOD menu. Here players can use all character skins, emotes, and animations for personalization. You get unlimited money and diamonds free. Also, it allows all users to use premium unlocked features for a better gameplay experience. Also, it includes some additional features that help you win the race very easily. Because it gives an extra advantage while gaming.

Customize your character

Even though the character system is not well designed or realistic like 3D games, it needs to be upgraded. Players can change the basic appearance of the default character and give it a unique look. Tap on the Customize option and from the Skin screen, search and try out different collections. But before that, unlock all those skins from the MOD menu. Then choose any of them and get a real-time preview. Once you find a good and favorite skin then select it or apply it to the character.

Next, choose the colour of your character. Here users will get some shades of solid colors like red, blue, green, etc. Then apply emotes and animations that players can show while gaming. The last option is Footsteps where choose any footstep from the collection.

Lots of Missions and Maps Available

It has lots of incredible and interesting maps that are easy to use. Users can enter any map location individually or in groups. Each map location has its levels and stages along with different sets of challenges. This makes the game more engaging for players. Get lots of levels and stages to choose from. The user has to cross each level to win lots of rewards and money. Each level has its challenges and difficulties and players have to dodge every obstacle to achieve victory.

Try Different Moves and Win Easily

All the characters come with different moves to dodge obstacles on the road. So, players need to use them properly for maximum benefits like running fast, jumping, showing emotes, and much more.

Still, the game is quite difficult to win and that is the main reason why this mod apk offers easy victory. For that, you get extra features like high jump and fast running. Once you enable those two options from the menu, you reach the destination quickly.

Ad-free Gameplay

The free version of this game has annoying ads on its UI. So, when gamers used to play, suddenly promotional video ads appeared. Now, install it if you want ad-free gameplay. Because it doesn’t have ads on its UI and it offers the best ad-free gaming experience.

Additional Features

Players or gamers can use the MOD menu with lots of useful features.

Use footsteps, emotes, animations, colours, etc. Everything is fully unlocked and even players can use newly added items.

Enable run hack where the user will run faster than the opponent players.

You can also use a high jump addon where your characters jump very high. This helps you reach your destination quickly.

Play with your friends and global players as it is a multiplayer game.

Get an ad-free gameplay experience.


Embarking on the adventures offered by Kipass Guys is more than just joining a game; it’s about joining a vibrant community of players who share excitement and a love for challenge. With every download, individuals unlock a world filled with the joy of dynamic obstacles, competitive spirit, and playful rivalry. The journey through Kipass Guys is a journey of discovery, where mastering the controls, strategizing with or against fellow players, and diving into new updates keep the experience fresh and exciting. Download Kipass Guys APK and step into an arena where fun meets competition, and every player’s agility and wit are put to the test.

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