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v1.9.86 For Android
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Jun 13, 2024
575 MB
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Android 5.0+

La Odisea De Tsuki (Tsuki's Odyssey) APK is a passive adventure game that will immerse you in the world of Tsuki and the eccentric characters of Mushroom Village.

Decorate your house, make friends, catch all kinds of fish and much more!

It's important to know that Tsuki is not your pet, but a free spirit who will roam and interact in the world as he pleases. But if you visit him regularly, you're sure to find something new and exciting happening in the village!

About this game Tsuki’s Odyssey

Tsuki’s Odyssey will be a new experience for players to enjoy and explore a beautiful world and the daily life of friendly animals. The game focuses on relaxing and refreshing elements, promising to create a wonderful and soothing atmosphere for everyone to relax. It also has a complex social system to simulate a normal life for players, so that they can create an unforgettable adventure.

Enjoy life to your heart’s desire

Tsuki’s Odyssey is slow-paced and has a calm atmosphere, creating the perfect conditions for players to enjoy life or jobs that only appear in the countryside. The game will constantly introduce many important events to motivate people to develop themselves or create many new things for a happier life. They can also start a new beginning here, such as construction, farming, trading, and opening a simple shop.

Expand your sweet home

Players can carefully customize their sweet home with a variety of impressive and vivid materials just like a natural home. Over time, they can expand the scale, create more rooms, build a floor, and add new areas to diversify their habitat. Of course, they can add more furniture, and household items, and create a different style that they like most.

Collect and build everything

During the gameplay of Tsuki’s Odyssey, players will have two options to buy or create a variety of items to improve their lives. Fortunately, the gathering feature is simple, but they require tools compatible with different resources such as wood or stone. Meanwhile, the crafting system will expand as players collect new materials instead of levelling up like in an adventure role-playing game.

Be social and meet new friends

The player’s life is colourful and vibrant thanks to the social system and cute friends from the nearby city. Everyone has their job, and they have unique personalities that make the community rich and diverse, creating a warm and welcoming circle. In the future, players can even marry their favourite characters and live together in a happy home.

Explore the Spectacular World

Tsuki’s Odyssey develops a large and diverse world and each location has its characteristics, including services that diversify the gameplay. If players are accustomed to a peaceful life, they can go out and explore every nook and corner and go to wild areas to find good items. Those areas always have rare resources, suitable for exploiting the items needed to upgrade their lives.

Entertaining Mini-Games and Content

The mini-games that appear widely in the city or around the player’s living area are always great relaxing options. Their content is harmonious and based on fishing, bowling, arcade games, and other activities to diversify entertainment. Not only that, but participating in mini-games is also a great opportunity for players to get extra rewards, and even hang out with their companions in their free time.

Players' new journeys and lives in Tsuki's Odyssey will always be unique and meaningful experiences. Almost every activity or theme has been perfectly simulated in every detail and combined with the animal concept to create a new environment and abilities for players to immerse themselves in the essence of life.

What’s New Version 1.9.86


• New hoe added!

• Non-consumable seed cap increased with hoes.

• The phone's quick menu is even faster, just swipe in the direction of the app!


• Moca house crash fixed.

• Shit stains work properly now.

• Many graphical bug fixes.

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