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v1.20.60 for Android
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Feb 08, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Minecraft 1.20.60 APK - Minecraft, the iconic sandbox game that has captivated millions of players worldwide, continually evolves with each update, offering fresh content, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements to enhance the player experience. The release of Minecraft version APK marks another significant milestone in the game's development, introducing an array of new features and optimizations that promise to make the vast world of Minecraft more immersive and engaging than ever before. This version, available for Android devices, ensures that players can enjoy the latest advancements in the game directly from their mobile devices, making it easier to dive into the world of Minecraft anytime, anywhere.

Features of Minecraft PE 1.20.60

The release of Minecraft PE 1.20.60 APK brings a bunch of exciting features and changes to the game, allowing players to delve even deeper into the boundless possibilities of the game. Collect new resources, like cherry trees or bamboo, to craft nice decorations. Check out the full information about the newest additions to Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.60 below.

Bamboo Mosaic: A new plank variant exclusive to the bamboo wood set. Crafted by arranging two bamboo slabs in a vertical strip. Can be used to craft bamboo mosaic stairs and bamboo mosaic slabs.

Bamboo Planks: Crafted using 1 block of bamboo (stripped or unstripped). Can be used to craft various bamboo-related blocks and items.

Block of Bamboo: A new log-like block crafted from nine bamboos. Can be stripped like other wood logs.

Calibrated Sculk Sensor: A new variant of the sculk sensor that filters vibrations based on frequency. Crafted with 1 sculk sensor and 3 amethyst shards.

Cherry Leaves and Cherry Log: New types of leaves and logs that generate in cherry trees.

Cherry Planks and Cherry Sapling: Crafted from cherry logs and grown into a cherry tree when planted.

Chiselled Bookshelf: Crafted with planks and wooden slabs, it can store books and enchanted books.

Decorated Pot: Crafted with pottery sherds or brick items, it is fragile and breakable.

Bamboo Hanging Sign: A more expensive version of normal signs, crafted with chains and stripped logs. Can be hung in various configurations.

Piglin Head: Drops from piglins, when killed by a charged creeper, can be worn by players.

Pink Petals: A new surface block that generates naturally in cherry groves, renewable with bone meal. Can be crafted into pink dye.

Pitcher Plant: Grows from a pitcher pod and drops a pitcher plant when fully grown.

Sniffer Egg: Found on a suspicious sand loot table, it hatches into a baby snifflet.

Suspicious Gravel and Suspicious Sand: New blocks that generate in ocean ruins and trail ruins can be brushed to extract objects.

Torchflower: A new flower that grows from torchflower seeds can be crafted into orange dye.

Brush: Used in the new archaeology system to extract items from suspicious sand and gravel.

Music Disc Relic: A new music disc obtained through archaeology.

Smithing Templates: New items for trimming and upgrading armour to netherite, obtained from chests and various sources.

Spawn Eggs: Camel and Sniffer spawn eggs have been added.

Camel: A rideable entity that spawns naturally in desert villages can be bred and equipped with a saddle.

Sniffer: A new passive mob that sniffs in the air and occasionally digs for torchflower seeds.

Cherry Boat and Bamboo Raft: New types of boats crafted with cherry planks and bamboo planks, respectively.

Cherry Tree and Cherry Grove: A new tree variant and biome that contains cherry trees.

Trail Ruins: A buried, generated structure found in various biomes that contains suspicious sand, gravel, and other loot.

New Achievements: Three new achievements related to the new additions.

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