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Minecraft Java Edition Free Download APK - Free Download for Android 2024

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v1.20.0 For Android
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Jun 19, 2024
131.84 MB
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Android 5.0+

Minecraft 1.20 Java Edition Download

Download the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition Free Download APK on Android - We discuss below about the details and features of the game's.

What is new in Minecraft 1.20.0?

The team at Mojang has put out Minecraft PE 1.20.0. There are many interesting things about it. For example, crafters and their friends can ride camels to get around. มา ย ครา ฟ 1.20 0 apk

New bookcases can do more than just hold books. Crafters can not only put books on them, but they can also use Redstone to make things work.


New Buildings

Chiseled bookshelf:

It is a new kind of bookshelf that can hold both normal books and books with magic. This block has no interface, and you can take or put books in it by clicking the right mouse button. Six books can fit on the chiselled bookshelf.

Bamboo Planks:

Bamboo planks can be used as building blocks or to make fences, slabs, doors, pressure plates, and other blocks. Bamboo is used to make them. A new bamboo mosaic block can also be made with them.

Bamboo Mosaic:

It is a building block that can be used to build things like stairs and flat surfaces.


Hanging Sign:

You can write on this block and use it as a street nameplate, for example. The sign on the wall is made of logs and chains. How the sign looks depends on the logs that were used to make it.

Ancient Plant:

It's a new plant that you can get from planting old seeds.

Sniffer Egg:

It's a fairly valuable block that you can find in Ocean Ruins, more specifically in chests there. You can hatch a new animal from this egg. It will be a sniffer.

New Things

Ancient Seeds:

You can't find them on your own; you need a sniffer to help you. This creature digs in the ground to find old seeds for you. You can get a new plant from such a seed if you plant it.


New Mobs


Since it won the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022, this mob will be added to the game. The sniffer comes from eggs laid by the sniffer. It will dig up the ground to find old seeds that you can plant to make new kinds of plants.


It's a new animal you can ride to get around the world. You can get a baby camel by giving a cactus to an adult camel and making it eat it. Along rivers and gorges, it moves faster than any other animal. A camel, unlike a horse, can carry more than one player. If you are on a camel, zombies can't hurt you because they can't reach you. A camel doesn't need to be tamed. You can sit on it right away and put a saddle on it. Camels can step over fences instead of jumping over them.

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