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v1.1.3 for Android
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Apr 02, 2024
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Android 5.0+

One Piece: Dream Pointer is a brand new adventure of your favorite pirates. The game is a vertical 3D RPG that will feature 148 hours of high-definition video cutscenes.

"One Piece" by Eiichirō Oda is one of Shueisha's longest-running and most successful manga. One Piece: Dream Pointer may not be the first game in the saga, but that doesn't mean it's any less expected. In it, Luffy and his crew are reunited in the Holy Land Mary Geoise and will embark on a new adventure. You will be immersed in the hustle and bustle of the main city and will be able to prepare a great party. This city has been designed with great care and precision to provide the best possible experience for players.

About One Piece Dream Pointer

“One Piece Dream Pointer” is a 3D ACGN RPG game based on the One Piece franchise. It is officially authorized by Toei Animation and aims to faithfully recreate the world of One Piece with high-quality graphics and character interactions. You can Download One Piece Dream Pointer now as it is currently in CBT, however, check out the gameplay first.

One Piece: Dream Pointer is a game that offers a fresh perspective. It takes place after the reunion, so the developers have created a new and exciting story, full of action and funny moments. Whether you are a fan of "One Piece" or not, this game will be entertaining and interesting. Let yourself be enchanted by Luffy and his companions, and join them in this new adventure.

Players can explore the expansive archipelago, encounter pirates, merchants, and bounty hunters, trigger unique events, and experience dynamic day-night cycles. The game also includes a new adventure that begins two years after the main storyline, with 3D animations, original voice actors, and emotional storytelling. Players can enjoy leisurely sailing and interact with the Straw Hat crew while immersing themselves in the world of One Piece.

Game features

Partners gather to form an exclusive sailing group

As a mobile game with new world content at the beginning, Luffy who has mastered Haki, Zoro who has completed his training with Hawkeye, Supernova who has each grown up, and even the Seventh Warrior Kai, can all be your partners.!

Character restoration, super gorgeous exclusive secrets

Each partner has his or her secret! Combined with the gorgeous art and battle performance storyboards, we can feel the power of Luffy’s “Rubber Elephant Gun” and the momentum of Zorro’s “The Secret of Three Swordsman One, Three Thousand and Thousand Worlds”!

Vertical screen adventure, automatic card closing, one-handed operation

You can play it while lying down, and it is recommended by Haimi! The game is presented on a vertical screen, with simple and easy-to-understand card gameplay, which can be operated with one hand. There is no need for complicated combo lists. Just click easily and the cards will be automatically combined to defeat powerful enemies easily and magnificently.

HD 3D, high-intensity plot, immersive experience

The game uses more than 40,000 ultra-clear models, more than 100 carefully drawn original paintings, as well as original animation voice actors and original animation music. You will immersively experience the adventure story of the Straw Hat Crew in high-quality animation. A more relaxing and exciting experience is in “One Piece: Dream Pointer”!

Strange moves and multiple strategies stimulate duels

Although the sailing adventure is easy to get started, you can also experience the benefits and fun brought by multiple strategies. Use attribute restraint to gain the upper hand, and then make use of each partner’s skill mechanism to restrain your opponents. There are more combat strategies waiting for you to explore. Each captain can create his exclusive sailing group!

Fight side by side, form a team, and sail the boat happily

Form your sailing group, fight side by side with friends, fight online, defeat powerful bosses together, and find rich treasures. You can even form a large sailing group, and cooperate with other sailing groups to fight and stand out in the game!

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