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Download PowerDirector Pro APK v14.1.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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Jun 26, 2024
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PowerDirector Pro APK – Enjoy professional video editing with the best fully-featured video editor and video maker.

About PowerDirector App?

PowerDirector was the one that started this crazy series of video editors. All the software like Wondershare, FilmoraGo, Alight Motion, VN Video Editor and PowerDirector have been around for a long time and that is why all of them have the most features. Video editor techies first need convenience while editing videos and the availability of all the features that can work the way they have seen in Instagram trends.

All the major video editing options are already available on the PowerDirector app and if you need any more of them, you can choose the resources they have available. These resources seem helpful as they can be inserted in the middle of any video to give it a beautiful look and realistic overview. You can also try the premium subscription of this app as it has relatively more features than the free plan of PowerDirector.

We will soon tell you briefly about the subscription plans and what exactly you are going to get when you pay the monthly or yearly fee at your convenience. Moreover, for your infinite free trial, we will help you with the modified version of the application that offers free premium usage of PowerDirector for the time you wish. There is also no need to add a debit card or credit card auto payment option, where you are getting a free pro.

What is PowerDirector MOD APK?

There is joy associated with the process of video editing on the free modified version of PowerDirector video editing software, i.e. PowerDirector MOD APK. The modified version works on both rooted and non-rooted Android phones and infuses a bundle of unlocked premium features with hyperconfiguration and compatibility that you will not even see in the official app or any other video editor application.

You will find the cutting-edge video editing features here that you have been trying to get in other apps for so long. The app has professional-grade, beginner-grade, and intermediate-grade tools available, so that you can use what you currently know and gradually improve your video editing experience by adding some new features to your arsenal. Plus, every edit you create is guaranteed to be of great quality.


You can unlock the world of premium perks with the professionally paid plan of the PowerDirector app. But paying should not be the first step in this direction, as people must first check whether this thing is working properly and is usable or not. Only then can they evaluate all the features and likewise the app itself is worth keeping the subscription. While using the modified version, you can try all the below-listed features as much as possible –

Ad-free video editing

When ads start appearing in front of the video editing tool, the creativity leaves through the backdoor of our brain. Interruptions and distractions kill creativity because ever you must have noticed that whenever you are doing any smart work to be creative and at that time, just a single breakbeat can ruin everything. Video editing with PowerDirector MOD APK, that is why it is so fast and amazing as there are no ads in between the interface.

No Watermark

Just like ads kill creativity, watermarks kill our name and fame. We create the best video edits after giving most of our hours so that people feel happy and not distracted by the watermark of the app we used to edit. For this very reason, the developers have added a great premium plan in the modification where you can download and export the edited videos without any PowerDirector watermark.

4K Export

Ultra HD resolution is a must these days as most platforms are evolving and becoming astonishing day by day. Recently, Instagram introduced the blue-tick feature and for the same, they developed most of the features for creators with this tick premium. They can now upload the highest quality reels and video posts wisely and this modified video editor will help you in providing 4K UHD export of all your creations. Create, Export, Post, Repeat…!

Video Stabilizer

Who wouldn’t want to have a steady camera while recording videos, but human hands start to hurt when we hold the smartphone at the same angle for so long? So, it is impossible to record a perfectly steady video from the camera app if the duration is more than a limited time. You can stabilize the shaky video directly from the modified app. It offers you an add-on video stabilizer feature to use in just a few minutes and smoothly stabilize the entire video.

Voice Changer

It is also trending nowadays that people are using anime and manga voices in different videos using the voice changer feature on their smartphones. If you don’t have this feature by default on your Android device, you can get it with the free modified app version PowerDirector MOD APK. It will allow you to choose from a huge variety of voices ranging from a child to an old man, as well as robots and aliens.

Chroma Key

How can we forget green screen video creation? We all love superhero movies like Marvel, DC, and Lord of the Rings. But do you know how they all make such breathtaking movies where the lead actors fly in the sky with spider webs, use brooms to fly, and become bigger than others like the Incredible Hulk? They all use the chroma key effect on the green screen, and you are also getting this feature for free with the modified app version.

iStock's Library Access

Earlier you got the Shutterstock library unlocked with this premium and now there is the sound of another library being unlocked for free. You can search any of these library photos on Google, and you will find that they are all paid for different graphics on Google Photos in different ways. You have to either buy a subscription or buy each graphic. Why spend money when PowerDirector MOD APK is giving you, not just video editing but also graphic library access?

More Features

There are some more features available in PowerDirector MOD APK that make the app easy to use and great in terms of features and tools. Apart from the major options mentioned above, you also get access to some powerful video editing tools and tons of resources, as mentioned below. Special effects, improved audio editing, cloud storage, and premium support are just the first overview of the app, let’s see what’s next –

Audio Mixing

Everyone here wants to add audio tracks and remixes to their videos to make them either lyric-lips or remix party edits. Suppose you get three videos of a travel vlog, and now you want to combine them. In this case, if you add small music packets between the initialization and end of these videos, they will look more beautiful than ever.

Shutterstock Library

You can search online for Shutterstock Library, and later you will find the largest element library on the internet, with more than 5 million elements and graphics available. Access to PowerDirector MOD APK also gives you free access to the Shutterstock library, from where you can choose any elements and insert them into your video creation for free.

Unlocked Stickers

Both static and animated stickers are available in the premium library of PowerDirector video editing software. But this library is also a premium option of the app and it can be easily unlocked after installing the modified version on an Android device. After this, you can paste these stickers in the middle of your videos and give them an overall unique look.


The decoration section of the video editor has lots of different sections including filters, borders, frames, and most importantly animated decorations. You can capture a selfie video of yourself and this video editor app will fly butterflies near your face and add neon lights to make it look attractive.

Motion Tiles

Movies are the main overview of the PowerDirector app, as the app developers have added on the front page of the Google Play Store that they have created this app to help editors create short movies. The movie part can be designed with motion tiles where you can see yourself walking on the road in the video and some text tiles coming animatedly behind you like a movie introduction with the movie title and character names.

Editing Effects

Effects help to connect two different videos. The transition between two videos cannot be just like pausing for 1 second and then starting a new video. It doesn’t have to be that way but you have to choose from the best transition effects between two videos to connect them so that they look connected. There are many effects available in PowerDirector’s library waiting for a great video editor like you.

Background Remixes

When checking the background of a video and creating a video with a green screen, you need a great background to be used behind that video. Background Remixes are exactly the background images that can be remixed or used in these videos for an impressive look.

15K+ Music Tracks

Music tracks can be found on YouTube, but finding the music first, then copying its link and downloading the MP3 version from another website is a complicated task. Skip it now and use one of the 15K+ music tracks available for free with the modified app version. There is more to look forward to, and your eyes will be dazzled by all their features.

Pro Video Editor

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