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v2.2.6 For Android
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Jun 12, 2024
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Android 5.0+

RFS Real Flight Simulator APK - Real Flight Simulator (RFS) is a realistic simulator that lets you fly different kinds of planes and do different tasks based on the plane type. Because the developers paid a lot of attention to reality, you will need to carefully plan your flights with a wide range of equipment, from small single-engine planes and passenger airliners to huge transport models. This includes the realistic physics engine, detailed models of the planes and bases, and the whole flight control process, from planning a route to having full control while in the air.

About the game Real Flight Simulator (RFS)

Real Flight Simulator (RFS) is a battleship game where very skilled pilots fly their ships into each other on a fierce battlefield. The weird and cool virtual reality flight system in this fighting game makes it fun to play. They will be able to plan their trips to win as much money as possible.

People think that being a pilot is one of the most prestigious jobs, but many people still want to sit in the plane and control every system themselves. Real Flight Simulator is what some people look for if they want to feel like they're flying through the sky while also adding a lot of realistic elements. Amazingly, it uses a realistic and eye-catching 3D graphics engine and a lot of weather elements to make you feel like you're there. A lot of people also liked the game because it had a lot of hidden promises that could make it a full-fledged flight simulator.

From now on, use auto-takeoff and flight planning

There are many games where you can fight in the sky, but have you ever played RFS: Real Flight Simulator and felt fierce and free? It will be easy for us to hit the enemy from far away because the take-off device can be set up in many different ways. What's different about this case is that the warriors won't have to follow any rules made by the company. You own this game and can use it however you want. To plan the best flight, players must come up with several aggressive attack tactics. Don't spend too much on petrol and flights until the next big event.

To increase the safe distance, do the following

Go into "custom mode" to make all the decisions about your flight. You can change the day and night cycle to fit your needs, but it always stays in sync with real-time. The enemy's area must leave and arrive at the same time so that there are no unneeded conflicts or collisions. Make the controls, midsection, wings, and tail safer by adding better safety gear. This will keep your troops safe in bad weather. During tough fights, keep an eye on passengers and cargo to win the race.

Take a lot of great battle flights

When you play Real Flight Simulator, the V-speed planes are the best to fly in. Because it moves quickly and does so much damage, the group will be the strongest and most dangerous thing. To make your weapon faster and more powerful, use the advanced Multi Panel system. We can also have fun and get a lot of useful stuff by taking down tall towers and wild places far away.

Change up teamwork

With 40,000 trips a day, there will be lots of chances for people who like team sports to play. It's amazing what can be done with a new 3D cockpit and perfect flying formation in the air. Pay close attention to the fuel and the autopilot. If you don't have enough fuel or loot for long flights, you have to take turns on the task. You can talk to famous pilots about how to finish tasks and get the most rewards in 35 different flying arenas.

Airport network with many places for professionals to get help

Real Flight Simulator has the platform HUD, the WP/AIRCRAFT/COMMS HUD, and the most powerful APU, so you can work through any weather. Don't worry if you've never flown before. The VDGS flight support trucks will show you how to get to safe and good runways. The landing gear, spoilers, speed boosts, and safety gear will make your name known, so don't pass them up.

Touch the keys and the plane's weight

In RFS, the whole point of the game is to simulate everything that goes on inside a business airliner. That's why the mood, setting, images, and gameplay all have their weight, which makes it easy for players to feel like the joystick is real when they start to run on the runway. Everything in the game has been carefully thought out; even the functions that control the plane's parts will be added and shown in the cockpit. During the game, the player's only job is to get orders and start flying the different planes that are given to them. It's also a great way to see the world and enjoy the thrill of flying different kinds of planes.

Controls that are complex and have a better interface

It has always been important to the game that you feel like you're really in the pilot, and that starts with the controls and interface. One cool thing about the game is that the screen will change depending on the player's view. There will be first-person, third-person, and overview views. Every viewing point has its effect, but when all of the furniture or controls are shown in the first-person view, the feeling is the most real. Also, everything a player does has a big effect on the system, and they can practice a lot to get good at it all and become a skilled pilot.

A large map with well-known spots

The best thing about being a fighter in RFS is that you can see the world from a lot of different angles. But players will still be able to go no lower than a certain height, and they can enjoy seeing towns and vast lands from different camera angles. Not only that, but the map also has a huge number of airports and well-known places where players can travel or take on more expensive contracts. The game's world will also keep growing based on how well the player does, and if they get a perfect driver's license, they can go to more advanced airports. Every step and task of being a commercial airline pilot will be simulated in great depth and lifelike in this game.

Tonnes of high-revenue contracts

People who play this game make most of their money from high-value contracts. Still, players need to have a lot of credentials before they can take on jobs. These include a high level of skill, knowledge of specific aircraft types, and a valid license. The contract system in the game will also keep growing, with many new ways for players to get access to resources that are only available to skilled pilots. The best part is that the contracts change all the time depending on which airport the player is at. This gives them many ways to get around, such as resupplying, customizing, and interacting with many different planes.

Many planes you can change and fly

RFS isn't just interested in commercial planes; they're also interested in a lot of different kinds and versions of planes. What's cool is that each type of plane can do different things and be used in different situations, and players need more than one level of license to fly each one. Players can, however, change the look and feel of the planes they own in any artistic way they can imagine. The game doesn't have any speed upgrades for each plane, but the customization system is very detailed and fun, so players can be creative and do other things.

Go online and fly with other players

The game's gameplay and features stay true to the idea of flying an airplane, but it adds an online session feature. It lets anyone take part in a huge range of exciting activities for skilled pilots, including fulfilling special contracts for many people at the same time. Even though each player is working alone, they may meet other players on the flight. This is because voice, chat, emotes, and other simple ways to connect make it easy for everyone to make friends or say hello.

People think that the Real flying Simulator has everything great about flying simulators. It's even more surprising that it works perfectly on mobile devices, making it possible for anyone to become a skilled pilot. In addition, it's always getting new material, like better graphics, so everyone can have a great time and a lot of potential.

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