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v1.7.16 For Android
Updated On:
Jun 14, 2024
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Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Scriptable APP is an automation tool that allows you to write scripts that integrate with native iOS features, such as Files, Calendar, Reminders, and Documents.

Scriptable - (Automation using JavaScript) Extensive support for widgets enables you to write your widgets using JavaScript and run scripts on your home screen. Your widgets can show any data and be customised to look how you want.

With Siri Shortcuts you can present images, tables, and more to Siri and ask Siri to read text out loud when you run a script from a Siri Shortcut.

Scriptable has a growing gallery of scripts to get you started.

Here are some examples of scripts you can create:

- Ask Siri if a web service is down.

- Create a widget that shows data from your weather station.

- Defer the next event in your calendar by half an hour.

- Check what's currently playing on TV.

- Manage a list of movies you want to watch.

- Upload files to an image optimizer and store the URL of the optimized image.

- Get a notification with the weather report every morning.

- Create TODOs with pre-filled data in your favourite TODO app using URL schemes.

It includes the following features:

- Write and run JavaScript.

- Auto-completion of variable names, functions, keywords and properties while typing.

- Access lots of native iOS features from your JavaScript code, including managing files, calendars, reminders, contacts, photos, locations, pasteboard, web views and more.

- Create your widgets. Your scripts run on the home screen without opening the app.

- Siri Shortcuts enables you to present images, tables, websites, HTML and more to Siri as well as let Siri read text out loud.

- Support for input and output parameters in Siri Shortcuts.

- Easily schedule rich notifications to run your scripts periodically.

- Work with files and directories from third-party apps using file bookmarks.

- Synchronize scripts across all your devices using iCloud Drive.

- Scripts are stored as plain JavaScript files and can be browsed using the Files app.

- Assign a script to one of over 800 glyphs and colour to easily identify it in your directory of scripts.

- Run scripts directly on your lock screen and home screen using widgets.

- Run scripts in by 3D touching the app icon.

- Run scripts from the share sheet and process input.

- Schedule notifications and run scripts directly from notifications.

- URL schemes enable you to run scripts from another app.

- Support for x-callback-url enables advanced integration with another app that supports x-callback-url.

- Export and share scripts.

- Example scripts help you create your scripts.

- Detailed documentation for all native APIs you can use in your scripts. Available offline in the app and online at

- View documentation in a separate window on iPad.

- Support for dark mode.

- Customize the editor to your liking.

Scriptable Automation using JavaScript

Plain JavaScript

Supports JavaScript ES6. Scripts are stored as plain JS files on disk.

Native APIs

Integrate with the native APIs of iOS directly from JavaScript.

Siri Shortcuts

Run scripts from Siri Shortcuts. Present tables, websites, HTML and more in Siri.


All native APIs that are bridged to JavaScript have documentation that is available offline.

Share Sheet Extension

Run a script from a share sheet and process the inputs.

Files Integration

Integrated with the file system and Files. app enabling you to perform operations on files.


The editor can be customized to match your preferences.

Example scripts

Comes with several example scripts to get you started.


Communicate with other apps using x-callback-URL.

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