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Yuriy L
v22.36 beta For Android
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Jul 10, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Smart Tube Error 403 APK – Video streaming is no longer what it used to be a decade ago. Unless you are a premium subscriber, your videos will be filled with ads and sponsor segments that have paid to interrupt your screen time every few minutes. This is the downside of marketing in the 21st century and is not a friendly feature for the general user.

Sponsors take over the streaming industry, controlling most of what your favourite content creators do. How do you deal with this? Just use the SmartTube APK, and most of your troubles will disappear. Let’s see what SmartTube is and how it can improve your streaming experience on your Android device or smart TV today.

What is SmartTube APK?

SmartTube is a YouTube client developed by Yuri L. that lets users stream videos on their smart TVs, which do not include Google Play services. It can also be used to watch YouTube content on Android devices and other streaming options like Firestick, Fire TV, Google TV, Android boxes, and Roku.

The main purpose of SmartTube is to eliminate ads and sponsor segments using SponsorBlock, an open-source service designed to get straight to the point in all your videos. This way, users can enjoy unlimited streaming without having to endure intros, outros, sponsor segments, and subscription requests. In short, when you’re watching a video about ten recommended ways to brush your hair, that’s exactly what you get, not unnecessary video fluff designed to get more likes from you.


SmartTube APK includes many features that you can enjoy on your Android device, Smart TV, or any other streaming device available in your home. Some of these great features are as follows:


If you have ever watched a Hollywood movie, you might have noticed that every movie starts by showing the companies involved in the production, including the sponsors. If you are unlucky, the first minute of the entire movie might make you believe that the movie has already started, but you will realize that you are just watching different production companies involved in making the movie. The same concept also applies to videos on YouTube with intros, outros, and sponsor segments, which are designed to get likes and subscriptions.

With SponsorBlock on the SmartTube app, I can skip these sponsors, subscription reminders, intros, outros, and other annoying video segments. The service is open source and crowdsourced, allowing anyone to suggest the start and end times of segments of sponsored videos on the platform so that everyone else can skip it. This lets me skip the non-music segments of all music videos and get straight to the entertainment part, saving me a lot of time.

No Ads

I love the older versions of video streaming platforms. They were simple, informative, and packed with content. Today, they try to squeeze every penny out of us by selling premium subscriptions and VIP packages, each of which has one thing in common: no ads. Ads have become a selling point for almost all businesses because the more they advertise, the more subscribers they get.

That’s fine and all, but when it comes at the expense of users on a streaming app where you can’t even go five minutes without a skippable video ad, it becomes extremely annoying. SmartTube APK is an ad-free zone for those who want to save time while making the most of their streaming experience. With the SmartTube application, you don’t need a premium account because everything is free for you, the premium user.

YouTube Premium

YouTube has transformed from a classic video streaming platform to a modern battlefield where businesses and sponsors fight for subscriptions, likes, and shares, all in the name of content creation. You will probably find only a few true content creators who still create content at their own will and without the control or interference of their sponsors. All of this can be seen in the numerous ads that appear in every video on the platform. Some are unskippable, making me watch 5 minutes of pointless ads out of a full one-hour video.

The solution: YouTube Premium. But how many people can afford or are willing to pay for a premium subscription so they can enjoy an ad-free streaming experience, video playback, and other VIP features? SmartTube APK gives you full access to YouTube Premium features, allowing you to enjoy streaming without interruptions at your fingertips.

YouTube Music Premium

Ad-free music streaming, background playback, early access to the latest music releases, live performances, videos, accurate lyrics, and podcasts are just some of the many features of YouTube Music Premium. Unless you have the premium package, you are limited to ads and low-quality audio on your platform, which is not the same as the highest-quality sound for keen users. People have been brainwashed to believe that without a premium subscription, you will lose out on a lot.

While this may be true, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars annually for multiple premium packages when there are apps like SmartTube that offer them for free. With the SmartTube APK, you can access YouTube Music Premium features, including video and music playback, ad-free streaming, and faster downloads for your favourite content without sponsor segments.

Supports up to 8K

Most users don't have an 8K smartphone or smart TV and hence can't experience the stunning display of Ultra HD resolution. However, with more affordable devices coming out these days, you don't need an expensive Apple or Samsung TV to enjoy 8K video playback. You can get yourself a brand that supports 8K video and experience a quality image that is probably even better than your eyes can see.

The SmartTube application supports video playback up to 8K on any device that has the capability and specifications to handle such quality. It would be easy to explain what 8K looks like, but you will never understand the real feeling until you experience the true glory of this image or video quality.

Works without Google Play Services

Google Play Services helps me keep my account synced. I can get my YouTube history when I log in to another device using this service and maintain the same progress in the game that I made before I uninstalled it and later decided to reinstall it. Some apps cannot work without the service, requiring you to log in using your Google account before you can access the content. Although Google Play Services has its advantages, it has turned into a monopoly that prevents users from accessing various services without it.

What is the disadvantage? Your online activities are always tracked, and specific ads are tailored to your searches and history. Why do you think you will always get recipe ads after watching 2 or 3 cooking videos on YouTube? The solution: SmartTube APK. You can watch all the videos you need on SmartTube APK without using your Google account. Alternatively, if you need to access your watch history, playlists, subscribed channels, and liked videos, you may need to log in to your Google account, which is also an option with the application.


While many people can understand English, many users online are foreign speakers and prefer to navigate different platforms in their native languages. Thus, SmartTube was designed for everyone to enjoy their favourite content in their preferred language, allowing you to choose from a variety of options such as Arabic, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, and Hindi.

Background Playback

If I am paying attention to an interesting video on YouTube and an incoming notification needs my immediate attention, I would like to handle both activities simultaneously. However, once I exit YouTube, everything stops playing, and chances are I will lose interest in the video, especially if it is educational or important to my research.

SmartTube APK lets me switch between apps without stopping the entertainment by using background playback. Your video can be minimized in the background so you can write a long text to your partner while enjoying the media content. If you need the full screen, you can always exit the minimized screen, and the audio of the video will continue to play in the background while you handle other activities on your device.

Like, Dislike, and Subscribe Options Available

YouTube hides the dislike count for its videos to remove the dislike effect whenever someone likes a video but gives it a thumbs down just because it has more dislikes than likes. So, SmartTube uses the returned YouTube dislikes API to fetch extrapolated data. Well, you can see all the likes, dislikes, and subscriber counts on any video, so you can see what everyone else thought of a particular video.

Organized Categories

SmartTube is organized into categories so users can quickly find what they need. You can access the Home option in the menu bar to get recent and suggested videos or choose from several other categories, such as:

  • Gaming
  • News
  • Music
  • Channels
  • Subscriptions
  • History
  • Playlists
  • Settings
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