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Busuu: Learn & Speak Languages APK - Free Download for Android 2024

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v31.24.4 (1052841) For Android
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7 03, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Busuu: Learn & Speak Languages APK - Learn a new language with confidence from day one. Connect with a supportive community of native speakers for language exchanges and real-life conversations. Easily see what needs further revision, from pronunciation to writing, and learn languages ​​faster.

About this app Busuu

Busuu is a leading language learning app designed to make mastering new languages ​​easier and more accessible through interactive lessons, practical exercises, and a global community of native speakers. Busuu has become an essential tool for language learners of all levels due to its focus on real communication and its flexible teaching methods. If you want to improve your language skills effectively and at your own pace, download Busuu for free.

Wide range of languages

Busuu offers courses in dozens of different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, and Polish. This allows you to choose from a variety of options to strengthen your language skills. When you create your profile you will need to choose the language you speak and the language you want to learn, and the app will load your complete course.

Structured and quality lessons

The lessons on Busuu are designed by language experts and are structured to cover all important aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension. The lessons are presented progressively, allowing you to develop your knowledge and skills step by step. Plus, you can go back to review previous lessons or jump to the lesson of your choice at any time.

Interactive learning method

Busuu uses an interactive approach that combines practical exercises, real dialogues and conversation activities to help you practice and improve your language skills. As a result, you can listen and repeat sentences, participate in simulated conversations and complete writing exercises in a fun and enjoyable way.

Correction by native speakers

Busuu stands out for its global community of native speakers who can correct and give feedback on the exercises performed. This provides a great opportunity to receive accurate corrections and practical advice from fluent speakers of the language.

Personalized study plans

This app provides personalized study plans based on your individual goals at any given time, whether you are learning while travelling, working, studying, or just for fun. Set your goals and track your progress over time so you can see how much you have progressed.

Level tests and certification

Busuu includes placement tests to help you assess your language proficiency and track your progress. In addition, you can get official certifications from McGraw-Hill Education, which are internationally recognized and can help you improve your resume.

Conversation practice

This app provides access to practice conversations with native speakers and other learners in your community. This feature provides a safe space where you are free to participate in language exchanges and practice your conversation skills.

Additional learning resources

Along with the core lessons, Busuu offers a variety of additional resources such as podcasts, articles, videos, and interactive exercises to enrich the learning experience and provide a broader cultural context.

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