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v1.0.1 For Android
Updated On:
Thg4 22, 2024
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Android 5.0+

Afterimage is a 2D action-adventure game with hand-drawn battles that happen quickly.

About Afterimage

Afterimage is a hand-drawn 2D action-adventure game with a focus on fast-paced battles.

Engadine was the name of the great goddess who made the world and left behind four goliaths before she left. Both Goliaths did what their gods told them to do and kept the world running smoothly. So, the lives in England kept coming back and having more children.

The last thing God made were humans, and their ever-growing goals caused a long war with the Goliaths. Fires spread quickly through Engardin until a huge blast called "The Razing" destroyed the Holy Grounds of humanity and ended the war quickly. The heavenly order was broken, though, and lives died. The age of people ended.

The people who lived through the battle were spread out across England. Since they were cut off from the Well of Mankind and couldn't reincarnate, they worked together to build communities. Many years have passed since this terrible event, and now the last human villages are being attacked by magical forces. Renee, a young girl with amnesia who was a student of Aros, was the only one in her town who made it through the attack alive. She leaves her destroyed village to go on a trip that will, for some reason, set off a chain of events that will decide the fate of this new world. She is determined to find her lost mentor and remember the things she has forgotten.

Explore a world that doesn't go in a straight line and find the secrets that are hidden deep in the ruins of Engardin's huge, linked world. You can talk to more than 50 different NPCs, and each one has its own story and goal. Side quests will help you learn more about their part in Engardin!

Welcome to the World of Engardin

Afterimage is a hand-drawn 2D action adventure that emphasizes fast-paced combat, diverse characters, non-linear levels, and a gripping storyline set in the ruins of a fantasy world. Explore a non-linear world and unearth secrets buried deep within the ruins of the vast, interconnected land of Engadine.

An ancient city brought to ruins

Years after the cataclysm called “The Razing” nearly brought an end to human civilization, mystic forces suddenly assaulted mankind’s remaining settlements. Seeking to investigate these attacks, an amnesiac girl named Renee bid farewell to her destroyed village and embarked on her journey to discover the truth, inexplicably setting into motion a series of events that will determine the fate of the new world.

Learn from the past to forge a new future

Confront and defeat the goliaths that have reclaimed Engardin. Discover new abilities and unlock skills that grant unique benefits in your exploration and combat. Use these skills to access new areas and shortcuts, master these in combat to defeat more difficult enemies, and invest in upgrades for the arsenal of weaponry at Renee’s disposal.

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