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v1.2.4 For Android
Updated On:
Thg4 22, 2024
59.8 MB
Required Android:
Android 5.0+

Launcher iOS 18 Pro APK is a launcher app that can be customized to change the user interface of Android devices into a modern design similar to iOS. It offers a range of iOS-inspired features.

Overview of the Launcher iOS 18 Pro APK

With the Launcher iOS 18 Pro Mod APK, users can access a treasure trove of HD wallpapers, themes, and customization options that emulate the iPhone 18 Pro's aesthetic. From adjusting wallpapers with the "Set by System App" feature to exploring a myriad of themes, this app transforms your phone into a mirror image of an iPhone. It's entirely free, allowing you to download and enjoy a full HD experience without spending a dime.

About Launcher iOS 18

  • Introducing Launcher iOS 18 - Unlock Your Android's Potential!
  • Access Controls: Swipe effortlessly for favorite shortcuts, akin to iOS.
  • Secure Lock Screen: Enjoy iOS-inspired Passcode security.
  • Face Detection: Own biometric security for a new era.
  • Music Playback: Manage tunes with iOS-style controls.
  • Organize Icons: Effortlessly arrange icons and folders.
  • Account Management: iOS-inspired ease for account management.
  • Stay Informed: iOS-like notifications and badge alerts.
  • Widget Integration: Track schedules and weather updates.
  • Why Choose Launcher iOS 18?
  • Seamlessly Integrated: iOS aesthetics meet Android functionality.
  • Boost Productivity: Personalize your experience for efficiency.
  • Tailored for You: Perfect for iOS fans or those seeking a new design in 2024.

Free Features of Launcher iOS 18 Pro

High-Definition Wallpapers and Backgrounds

iPhone Launcher iOS 18 Themes provides access to an expansive collection of crystal-clear HD wallpapers and backgrounds. Each wallpaper is carefully curated to ensure that users can find the perfect backdrop to match their style and mood.

Unparalleled Customization Options

Users can tailor almost every aspect of their device's interface, from the icon size and layout to the overall theme, to mimic the iOS 18 look and feel. The "Set by System App" feature further enhances this by allowing wallpapers to be adjusted or changed based on the apps you use.

Ad-Free User Experience

One of the most significant advantages of using Launcher iOS 18 Pro is its ad-free environment. The developers have prioritized user experience by eliminating the distraction and interruption of advertisements.

Dynamic Island Functionality

Borrowing a page from the latest iOS devices, iPhone 18 Pro Launcher iOS APK incorporates the innovative Dynamic Island feature. With its small size and easy-to-use interface, this feature gives you a new method to interact with your apps and notifications, increasing both productivity and usefulness.

Gesture Navigation Made Easy

The launcher introduces an efficient and user-friendly way to navigate your device using gestures. Swipe up to access your app drawer, swipe down for notifications, or customize gestures to launch apps or perform specific functions.

Exclusive Access to iOS 17 Wallpapers

In addition to the vast array of wallpapers available, Launcher iOS 18 Pro offers users exclusive access to over fifty wallpapers from iOS 17. These wallpapers are designed to replicate the authentic ambiance of an iPhone, giving your Android device that coveted iOS feel.

Sophisticated Customization for Lock Screen and Widgets

The customization extends to the lock screen and widgets, with a wide range of options to match the visual style of iOS 17. Users can choose from various color widgets and themes that support both light and dark modes, ensuring that personalization goes beyond the home screen.

Intuitive and Seamless User Interface

The hallmark of Launcher iOS 18 Pro is its intuitive and seamless user interface, which closely mimics the user experience of iOS. With its simple layout of icons arranged in rows and columns, the launcher is meant to be both aesthetically beautiful and very functional.

Users Experiences

After using Launcher iOS 18 Pro for a few weeks, I'm genuinely impressed. The transformation of my Android phone into something that closely resembles an iPhone 18 Pro is remarkable. My iPhone now has a brand-new, modern design that I adore thanks to the HD wallpapers and the easy customization possibilities. Navigating around the user interface is simple and intuitive. The experience is improved by the lack of advertisements, which let me play around and adjust the settings without being interrupted.


Launcher iOS 18 Pro APK stands out as a comprehensive solution for transforming an Android device into an iPhone look-alike, offering an impressive array of customization options, high-quality wallpapers, and a user-friendly interface. The app provides a seamless and ad-free experience, allowing users to enjoy the elegance of iOS on their Android devices. Whether you're a fan of iOS aesthetics or just looking for a fresh look for your device, Launcher iOS 18 Pro is worth trying out.

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